You Can’t Out-Run Your Fork

Does anyone else have a visual of a giant fork chasing you, cartoon-style? Yeah, me too! Except I suppose my fork should be filled with something I can’t stop eating, like hot and spicy chex mix or queso or beer… None of those things really go on a fork though. Huh.

Oh well, I digress.

Anyway, my point is, for the month of December, I am focusing on DIET! I’m still working out, but I’m minimalizing my workout to Tabatas three days a week, with a VERY simple focus. And then I’ll add in WHATEVER I WANT the other two or three days I workout. Yep, whatever I want.

Hopefully “whatever I want” isn’t taking a swan dive on cement and ripping my knees open, again. Because I didn’t want that the first time, but I got it. For free! Bonus!

December the goal is: Protein at EVERY meal and snack. Every one. Focus. And then clean, clean, clean. I know I’ll have cheat days. Heck, I average about three cheat meals a week, and that’s STILL turning down social invites to dinner or out for drinks. If I did everything I was invited to, I’d be eating out or having drinks seven nights a week, and a few lunches. Some of us are just that popular and fun to be around! Haha! OK, I’m kidding, I just have several circles of friends, and I like to stay friends with them, so I find myself saying “yes” more than “no.”

But I’m not going to dwell on the “rules” of that. The rules of not eating out: Protein, clean. Really focus on avoiding empty foods (especially those filled with carbs and sugar). And eat real foods, with protein (and fat and fiber – real fiber, not added chemically in a lab fiber).

That’s it.

Viva la December!


This fork looks like he’s sneaking up on me. Certainly something I’d run away from. Creepy!  


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