Comfort Zones

I’ve decided my comfort zone is what separates my current pretty cool life from a really awesome life. So 2012 will be the year of breaking out of my comfort zone. Again and again! And I figured what the heck, why not start now? Seize the day, right?

What are some examples? This weekend I roasted a whole chicken, that started out frozen. This sounds really silly for those people who have done this their whole life, but I’ve never really known how to roast a chicken. I sort of know how to clean one. But I haven’t even ever defrosted a frozen whole chicken. So the whole process was a challenge. And what was my biggest issue? Well, aside from the very real possibility of getting salmonella, of course. That’s a good fear. My biggest fear was failure. I decided who cares if it’s awful? If it doesn’t turn out, I’ll order pizza. And not just any pizza. GOOD pizza! As a reward for trying.

But you know what? The chicken was awesome. Maybe the best chicken I’ve EVER had. And normally I cook something and it’s really not that great. My mom says that food’s better when someone else cooks it. So for this chicken to be as good as it was? Life changing.

I’m off to a good start!

The second thing that’s way out of my comfort zone is there’s a committee at work that tries to promote a healthy lifestyle. It hinges primarily on healthy eating and more exercise or movement. But also has other healthy-minded things like finances and emotional well-being. They were looking to fill a few spots and someone in the group approached me and asked me to apply. I figured she was trying to find ANYONE to fill the open spots, and that it was an automatic in if I simply applied. Then I received an email about interviews.

Wait, what? Interviews? I may not get this position? No way, I’m out.

And for those of you who think that’s stupid, I’m a raging perfectionist. I hate it about myself, but I also love it because it’s what drives me to do everything as well as I possibly can. Perfectly, actually. So as soon as I found out I wasn’t, in fact, guaranteed a spot on the committee, I was ready to bail. I almost did. But after the chicken thing turned out so well and it made me so happy, I thought even if I go 1 for 2, that’s not too bad.

As the interview started I almost said, “You know, I didn’t realize you had so many applicants. It’s OK if you don’t want to choose me.” But I pushed that urge down and did the best interview I could do. I answered questions honestly, and feel like if someone else gets the spot over me, that’s fine. And if I get it, I think I’ll feel more ownership, too. What fun is it to be handed a position when you can beat others out for it? ;-) OK, wait. Maybe that’s not a good perspective.

Most of my comfort zones are built around not failing and not looking stupid or feeling uncomfortable. One big thing I really want to do this year even though I don’t want to spend the money is travel alone. I do travel alone for work, but I spend all of my time doing work-related stuff where people HAVE to talk to me! I would love to drive across the country, stopping in cool cities, and experiencing everything I want to experience. To be able to conquer the fear of traveling alone will be huge. I have a few ideas of places I’d like to go. And a friend has even helped me somewhat map out a travel plan.

I’m single and have been single for a long time. I actually don’t mind being single. I don’t really get lonely, and I spend a lot of time with friends and family. But, I also feel like falling in love is one of the biggest reasons we’re on this earth. And I’m not going to force love because it will take a great guy for me to give up my alone time. If I date anyone seriously/exclusively, he’ll have to be pretty awesome. BUT,  I haven’t been on a date in years. And I think most of my fear with guys comes from the fear of rejection. For some reason society places a lot of worth on whether someone loves you. And that love seems to be singular, relationship/intimate-based love. Not the love of friends or family. So I don’t want to fall into the trap of thinking I’m incomplete without someone. But I also know I’m pretty closed off to the concept and think I could have a very fulfilling life if I met someone great. I’m not quite sure how I’ll approach this. I am not comfortable with dating websites, mostly because I don’t trust people and their intentions. And I don’t really care to “pick up” guys in bars because most guys are only there to pick someone up for the night. NOT my thing. This will be a “one date in 2012” kind of deal. So I’ll have a lot of time to consider how to do this. I meet plenty of guys who I think are cool enough to go on a date with. This will PROBABLY turn into me having to conquer the fear of asking a guy on a date. For the first time. Ever. Yikes. I’m terrified just typing it!

So that’s that!

What’s your new year’s resolution?

Also, in sort of related news… My 1 year of being more active and eating healthier is fast-approaching. Less than two weeks away! I’ve had a really great past couple of weeks, and I’ll report more on that soon. Hope everyone’s holiday preparations are going well!


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