Rough Week

After two or three straight weeks of weight loss (isn’t it funny I’ve already lost track of the details – this is probably why we forget what a struggle it is to lose!), I think this week’s going to be neutral, and for a variety of reasons. Work was particularly stressful, and I’m notorious for letting stress “win.” I’ll stress eat. Be emotionally and physically exhausted so I can’t will myself get up early or am too tired to workout at the end of the day. I met a friend for “stress drinks” which also turned into a shared appetizer platter. Then went to my work holiday party, which turned into a lot of drinks because I don’t care for those things. I got back on the wagon first thing Sunday and have done well today. I did workout a few times, and got in three hard workouts this weekend. Maybe in the end I’ll still be down a small amount. And this week I’m re-focused on getting back to bigger losses (and bigger gains in strength training)!

I’m also contemplating buying this squat rack. I’m already up to enough weight squatting that it’s getting dangerous to try to hoist the bar (and weights) up over my head. I’m worried I’ll need an olympic barbell… But I wanted one anyway. So if I have to get one, I have to get one.


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