New Year – Nothing New

Well, I feel like for the first time in a long time, I’m actually not planning to change anything big as I go into the new year. I’m already working out regularly and eating pretty well. I’m seeing slow but fairly consistent results in weight loss, and am FINALLY seeing the difference in my body and clothes. I did something I’ve NEVER done – I took some “before” pictures a few weeks ago. I’m not sure anyone but me will ever see these pictures, no matter what my “end results” are. But I hope at the very least, I’ll see my progress and those pictures will keep me focused to keep the weight off (losing is far easier for me than maintaining – I’ve proven over the years).

So what am I doing now?

Well, I’m lifting. HEAVY. I know I’ve mentioned before I follow and am very motivated by Nerd Fitness. It’s not always easy to apply everything as a woman who’s not (yet) very strong. But I’m working on it. I’ve had a lot of people tell me I’m strong. But when it comes down to stacking weights on a barbell, I don’t see it (yet). I’m making slow progress every week. I think I’m actually nearing the four-week mark of one of his six-week programs. I’m trying to take my eyes off the scale, and instead focus on how much stronger I’m getting.

That said, I have a trip to Hawaii in about five months. And I want to look GREAT for that. I’ve privately told myself I will wear a bikini on the trip. I’m terrified I’ll not follow through on that goal, though, because I’m pretty conservative with dress. Even when I was much thinner, I was never comfortable being that naked. Mostly, I think, because I’m so self-conscious of my pale skin. Especially with tanning all the rage, and being pale is an easy target. I still get the jabs, though, so maybe I won’t care if it’s in a cover-up, a one-piece or a bikini. A strange thing motivating me is Lunchbox on The Bobby Bones Show says only grandmas wear one-pieces. Haha. I think of HIM every time I put on a one-piece (and cover-up).

While I’m in Hawaii, I want to do something awesome. I’ve put some thought into sky diving, and feel like that’s one serious option to consider. I don’t see any specific port stops (my trip is a cruise) for sky diving, but have done some research and hope to find a reputable company and a VERY beautiful beach. Who wants to dive out of a plane in the midwest, landing in a field, surrounded by the pilot’s empties. Yes, seriously. That’s how it works around here. Terrifying. I’m going to keep looking at my options. I don’t want to go crazy spending money for a ton of experiences, but I also want to get the most out of my trip. Other obvious options are zip-lining and parasailing. I also haven’t done either of those.

Eating-wise, I’m not following any specific plan. The one change I made mid-November (probably motivated mostly by Nerd Fitness) was adding more protein to my diet. I’m NOT paleo, and I’m not low-carb. I simply made the effort to replace some carbs with protein. I saw such great results, though, that I’ll admit that makes giving up peanut butter toast for breakfast a lot easier. I think my grocery bills are a bit higher, but I also think I’m eating a lot healthier. I have better energy for workouts, and think the additional protein goes hand-in-hand with my heavier lifting workouts. At least for now. It seems as time goes on different “diets” work for me when they didn’t used to. Or stop when they used to work. So just trying to keep moving and keep focused on improvement.

In financial health news, I’m working hard to payoff my house early. I’ve been making extra monthly payments for a few months, and hope to keep that up. I feel somewhat trapped in my job. Unappreciated and trying to fit into a mold that’s not necessarily conductive to happiness, health or maximum life fulfillment. So I’m trying to get the house paid off and see how I feel at that point. I’d love to find a way to work part-time and still get health and retirement benefits. That’s a road I’ll cross when I get to it. But it’s something I’ve been working on and been successful with.

I’m trying to have a little more structured posts this coming year. I tend to get on here and ramble on about whatever’s on my mind. My struggles, my successes, my challenges. I did update my one-year anniversary numbers and was pretty happy with what I did. I didn’t get anywhere near the weight loss (in pounds) goal, but I was surprised at the difference in inches.

And the biggest difference is my back doesn’t hurt from the weight of my chest! I don’t even have a huge bust. But when I gain weight, I guess I gain there, too, because that’s when I FINALLY see that I need to lose weight. I wish the pain would come about 30 pounds sooner! :-) If only we’d be in physical pain as we get about 10 pounds overweight, instead of when we hit the obese range! In the past, I’ve been very happy with my body about 10 pounds lighter than I am now. I’m trying to be realistic on where I’d like to be weight-wise. I really started this journey in hopes of improving my triglycerides. My doctor told me losing weight may not help if it’s hereditary. But I’m hoping I can get to a size I’m happy with (naked), and it will put my triglycerides in a healthy range. THAT would be a real accomplishment!

So, as of right now, no set 2012 goals, other than continuing to lift heavy weights. I’m a little outside of the Nerd Fitness plan, adding in rows, bench and lunges earlier than I was supposed to. But as long as I’m sore (I have been, especially with lunges and bench!), and see the weight lifted slowly moving up (it is!), I’m happy! And I’d LOVE to lay on one lawn chair, probably on the deck of the cruise ship, in a bikini. THAT would be a real win for 2012. I realize that’s just May. But for now, those are my two focuses!


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