2012 – The End Of The World As We Know It….

OK, I don’t actually think the world’s ending in 2012. But I do think it will be fun to live as if the world IS ending. I figure, you only get one today, enjoy it. And if you only had a year left, why not tackle it? What am I going to change? Surprisingly, nothing with my current workout plan. I can always do better with eating, but all things considered, I’m actually doing pretty well. I lost right around 20 pounds in 2011. It was a slow, grueling process, but I can actually finally start to see a little bit of a difference in the way my clothes fit.

2012 is going to be the year I see how strong I can actually get. Except for lunges (which apparently I suck at, even though I never realized it using dumbbells), I look forward to my workouts. I like slowly ticking up the weight I use for each exercise, and still being able to conquer it. I like being sore the next day, and feeling like I can take on the world.

Now, are my numbers that impressive? No. But they are what they are. Here’s where I am with each of my exercises:

Squat: I did 71 pounds yesterday and will be moving on to 76 with my next workout.
Push Press: I did 61 pounds. I struggled with the last set of five, but think I’m still going to try to get 66 in next workout.
Lunges: A measly 36 pounds, but I’m actually not as sore today as I was last week. So next workout, 41 pounds!
Bench Press: 46 pounds. I JUST added bench in last week, so I’m working my way up. I expect to start to struggle closer to 60, but have committed to five pound increments until I get there. So I’ll be at 51 next workout.
Dead Lift: My next workout I am moving up to 96 pounds. I was surprised how much I was able to do!
Rows: I’m at 66 pounds for this workout this week. I feel like my form’s struggling a little bit, so I might have to stay at this weight for a few weeks.

Of all of these, I’m probably most maxed out on push presses. And for the sake of form, rows. Lunges seem to be an issue with coordination, balance. But they definitely make me the most sore. Bench, squat and push presses are my favorite moves, although push presses sometimes make my shoulder hurt. Push presses are probably the scariest of the exercises since I’m pushing a weight over my head that may or may not make it there. At some point, probably after this first six weeks is over, I need to graduate to adding in power cleans. But I definitely want to get strength with the other moves first. I hated cleans in high school, so they definitely intimidate me.

Other than strenght training, I look forward to travel this year. Specifically, to Hawaii!! I’d love to go skiing this year, too. But organizing something like that seems so overwhelming. I’m also working on getting more organized around the house. This is always something I struggle with. I do well for several weeks, then one day I can’t decide what to wear, and ALL of my clothes start to pile up. Or one day I don’t have time to unload the dishwasher, so dishes pile up for the next several days. Until the whole mess is overwhelming. I’m contemplating have a friend come do a few hours of basic housework a couple times a month to help with this.

And most of all, I’m putting MY happiness on the front burner. I’m avoiding people I don’t enjoy being around. Avoiding activities that make me unhappy. And really embracing new things. Here’s to 2012! Cheers!


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