Weight Lifting – My Soul Mate

I’ve been so pumped to lift weights lately. I’m sure it’s partially because I’m seeing such quick gains in how much weight I lift (since I’m going up a little each week). I was able to squat 101 pounds on Thursday. Yay! And I had to bail on bench press on Thursday as well because I’d fatigued my muscles so much doing push press. Also exciting. Not so exciting is I’m catching a little bit of a bug, so I let myself sleep in today in hopes of kicking it quickly. Either way, I need to workout tomorrow – assuming I don’t get deathly ill! If I do, I’ll be really bummed because my niece and nephew’s birthday party is tomorrow. I’m already unsure if I’ll attend, so the extra bit of sleep was mostly for them. I even got up, started to get dressed to workout and thought, “I can workout anytime, but they only get one birthday a year.” That’s a definite different mindset for me.

I’m also so glad I bought my squat rack (which I use for bench) with the safetys. Otherwise, I might STILL be trapped under the bar, laying on the bench! Plus, I feel like it gives me a little extra confidence when I’m squatting since I know I can bail.

The only thing I don’t have a good support for are the push presses (which start at your chest and you extend the barbell straight overhead, like the top of a clean and press). I’m not sure exactly how to bail out of that. Most people drop the bar straight down, but I’m in my house, so I’m not sure how to plan for that! I definitely don’t want to get hurt, but am getting to my max on that exercise. I think I did 70+ pounds on Thursday for five sets of three reps. And I was SORE. And a few times struggled to get my arms to lock. I know that’s the point (to max out), so I need to figure out what I can do to feel more confident with that move.

Other than that, eating’s been TERRIBLE this week. Partially because it’s been kind of that slowdown after the holidays where I’m trying to get my life back organized. And a tiny bit because I’ve been getting sick. But mostly it’s just been me not making my eating a priority. But I have felt crappy the past few days, and who knows, maybe all the junk is why my body’s getting sick! So I need to grocery shop first thing tomorrow, and make a meal plan for the week.

Other than that, how’s everyone? What are your new year’s resolutions, and how are they going?


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