Forgotten Non-Scale Victory (NSV), But Remembered Over-Eating

Last night I was self-talking myself into a post for today. I knew I’d have to confess to terrible eating the past several weeks. It started on Christmas Eve, spanned that weekend, got better for three days, then went back downhill. And has stayed there almost 90% of the time. It’s not good. And I have five pounds. YES, FIVE POUNDS. Who even knew you could gain five pounds in such a short timeframe? Anyway, I have five pounds to show for it.

And I wanted to sandwich that not-so-great revelation with two positive things. And last night I had one. This morning I had the second. And I can’t remember either of them! So I’ve been sitting here all day (and just finished some ice cream) and realized this post needs to go up regardless of anything else.

One NSV I can brag about is I’m starting to see actual muscle definition in both my arms and legs. My legs got emmensely stronger this summer when I was biking. But now I can even see the muscles when I walk. I’m not sure I’ve EVER had that! And there’s a slight inward curvature along my hip before my quad starts (on the outer-side of my leg). And I can see a slight formation of a muscle along my upper arm. I believe it’s near the tricep area. And it motivates me to keep going working out. And I really just need to get organized for the food part. I sit around eating crap and feel like crap.

So what’s my plan?

  1. Make dinner. I have a flat iron steak in my fridge. Just need to figure out what to make with it. Even if it’s a simple rub and grill.
  2. Groceries – I need several staples = and to make plans the rest of this week.
  3. WORKOUT! I haven’t felt great this week, so morning workouts didn’t get done, and because I don’t feel well, I’m so tired I can’t bring myself to workout at night.
  4. Make breakfast tomorrow.

If I can conquer these four things, I’ll be back on the right track! Here’s to you, Tuesday. I’m about to own you!


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