That Moment of Fear, Uncertainty

As you probably know, I’ve been trying to get strong. This means lifting heavy weights. And frequently, lifting more than I ever have before. And often, worrying I can’t lift as much as I’ve put on the bar.

Tonight while conquering some PRs, I realized it’s that very fear and uncertainty that makes or breaks you. I find myself standing/laying in front of/behind/underneath the barbell, and needing that moment of self-assurance and “perfect ready” before I proceed.

Funny thing is, in high school, the guys did this and I used to make fun of them. Mostly in my head because I was in a weight lifting class that was probably fifteen or so guy athletes and two girls. But I always thought it was silly, over-dramatic.

Until now.

Once again, I look back and was wrong. And since I workout alone and form/ability is key to avoiding injury or getting trapped under a barbell or putting a giant barbell-sized hole in my floor, I really get it.

And I am glad I took that conditioning class in high school, even if I didn’t get as much from it as I should have, performance-wise. I did learn that real weight training is not only strength of body, but strength of mind. And confidence. Because conquering it when your mind doubted you could? It might be the best feeling, ever. And that’s dramatic in a pretty awesome way.


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