On The Wagon Again

I just can’t wait to get back on the wagon again… Wait, I am. Mostly.

Yesterday’s goals were:

  • Make dinner – Check! I had flat iron steak (which I put a dry rub on and let sit while I workded out), broccoli and pineapple.
  • Groceries – FAIL – But I realized I had enough food to make it through dinner last night, breakfast and lunch today. So I skipped it. But it didn’t really derail me today.
  • Workout – CHECK!! And it was a really good workout! PRs on both lifts I did, squat and push presses. In related news, I also used my white board to more easily track my lifting progress. I mapped the weight out all the way to my 2012 goals. I’m worries 190 for deadlift is a little ambitious. But also feel like 135 for squat is really doable and I should have bumped that out a little more. But we’ll see!
  • Make breakfast tomorrow – Check! I made an omelet with veggies and some of the leftover steak. It wasn’t my greatest breakfast ever (taste-wise, although I’m not sure why). But it hit the spot and kept me out of a drive through.
  • Bonus- I also packed my lunch when I REALLY wanted to blow it off.

Tonight my goals are:

  • Grocery shopping – I can’t avoid it anymore. But I need to figure out what I want to cook!
  • Workout – Tonight it’s bench and lunges. I HATE LUNGES, which probably means I need them. A lot.
  • Pack my lunch – To avoid the temptation to not bring my lunch, I’m packing it tonight.
  • Cook up some omelet filling – When it’s put together ahead of time, making breakfast is a lot easier.
  • Breakfast at home – Again, this is something I need to be more consistent with.
  • Laundry – I can fold during my Wednesday night shows.
  • Kitchen – Unload dishwasher, general cleaning. I should be able to do this while I’m cooking up the omelet filling. And making lunch.
  • Vacuum basement – I can do this on commercial breaks.

So that’s it, friends!

Oh, and I’m starting to countdown to my trip. I feel like I have been wasting these first 10 days of the new year. So I need to get focused and realize my weight goal. Not too long before it’s swimsuit/vacation/Warrior Dash season! I need to look GOOD!


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