Post-Workout Hunger Games

Is anyone else as excited as me for the Hunger Games movies to come out? I think it’s been long enough since I read the books that I might actually like the movie! Anyway, that’s neither here nor there. But this is another “hunger game” I play. It seems like the day after a workout I’m starving all day. Now, most days I’m hungry. But I can’t seem to get satisfied the day after a good workout. I like to assume this is the “afterburn effect” where your body continues to burn more calories for an extended period after a workout. But it might also be me rationalizing.

In NSV zone, while I was in the bathroom this afternoon, I had my arms raised above my head (messing with my hair) and I noticed arm definition. BOOM! I know it’s through a sweater (a relatively thin one that’s moderately tight). So I’ve been sitting at my desk all afternoon admiring my arms. Yes, for real.

And in motivation/reward zone, I booked my flight to Hawaii today! I haven’t decided if I want to turn the itinerary into a background for a calendar and hang it over my scale (so I can record stats and my workouts – and might see it more often). Or if I want the calendar on my fridge (won’t record weight that way). Or if I want it in my workout room – no calendar, just the itinerary. On the wall. Maybe in a frame.

So, I’m working through that idea. Right now I’m leaning toward the bathroom calendar idea.


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