Overwhelmed and Irritated

Alright, I know part of this frustration is coming from (look away guys!) hormonal fluctuations. It’s about to be that time of the month. Some months I don’t have any reaction. Other months I notice my appetite is out of control (I generally only notice this if I’m watching what I eat – otherwise I guess eating as much as I want whenever I want, it’s just another day in paradise). And then the lucky months… I over-react to everything. I feel overwhelmed. I get irritated at everyday stuff. And I’m emotional.

It’s pretty much the best 1-2 day stretch of the month!

That was sarcasm. Luckily, that bit doesn’t disappear. And also luckily, I at least see what’s happening. Even if I feel totally irrational, I SEE that I’m being irrational. That doesn’t generally do much to calm the waters of crazy, but at least I can tell people. Well, I usually (except for my closest girlfriends and sisters) go PC and say, “I don’t know why, but I’m feeling really overwhelmed by EVERYTHING today.” Or I’ll say that I’ve been emotional. And sometimes I’ll say, “It’s probably because…” And talk about something random like being behind on housework, having an extraordinary number of social commitments, etc. The thing is these things (housework, social stuff, etc.) only exacerbates the problem. So those things DO feel overwhelming. I tend to make grand statements like, “That’s it! NO MORE WEEKDAY PLANS!” When what I really mean is, “I should only make one or two plans on weekdays. And I really shouldn’t make ANY plans during the week that are at my house, regardless of the time of the month.” When I have house guests, I tend to go a little crazy with pre-cleaning. And the last thing I want to be doing is cleaning AFTER a get together at midnight when I need to be up by 6AM the next day. And I’ll be honest, once the housework gets behind, it STAYS behind, so I HAVE to be up until midnight, or I’ll never catch back up.

So, here I am. Plans at my house on a weekday. Food for dinner isn’t bought. And I feel grouchy and overwhelmed. I really just want to go home and make something simple. Eat. Clean up and go to bed. Or eat leftovers. And relax.

My mom’s excellent at holding social gatherings. I suck at it. And I’m feeling a little like crying and screaming.

Bonus points: I haven’t been to the grocery store. So I get to do THAT during rush hour. YAY ME!

Please feel free to tell me how crazy I’m being. I know it. I realize it. I own it. But this is how I really feel! Overwhelmed, irritated, and emotional. And like I want about six glasses of wine. But am on a booze-free quest until mid-February.


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