Bad Attitude Gone Rogue

So, my bad attitude from yesterday? Yeah, it’s completely taken over my life today. That’s pretty awesome, right? Plus, I was so overwhelmed and stressed and annoyed yesterday before I left work. Then had dinner with a friend who got frustrated with ME for being honest with someone about the secrets he’s been keeping out in the open. That’s a convoluted way of saying he was telling a lot of lies, and thinking his smoke and mirrors were smarter than the people who could see through them. Anyway, I knew the truth. One of my best friends asked. I told. He’s mad at ME. Um, buddy, YOU are the liar. Don’t get mad at me if you aren’t as good at is as you think!

So I went to bed annoyed and overwhelmed because my kitchen was a mess. I’m never having dinner of any sort on a worknight again. No, seriously. Some people are better than others at being clean when they cook and cleaning up after themselves. I know it’s tough when you’re in someone else’s kitchen. But courtesy wasn’t extended as it should have been.

All that said, I had horrible nightmares about fires and returning former friends and running away. I’m sure it was symbolic of something.

All I know is I woke up exhausted. My head feels like it weighs a thousand pounds. And my eyes won’t stay open. I feel awful. And my attitude is worse. I want to go back to bed for a week. And don’t want anyone to talk to me the entire time! I hate being/feeling like this. But I can’t just make it go away. I’m hoping if I can get a workout in (after another over-extended night with dinner plans – at least they aren’t at my house!) tonight, I will feel a thousand times better. I feel like I could double my weights PR if I could lift RIGHT NOW!

I’ll stop spewing negativity. Hopefully around the blogosphere everyone’s feeling more positive than me. And hopefully by tomorrow I can join you in your corner of the world. Happy!


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