My Favorite Workouts

A few weeks ago, I read somewhere (don’t I wish I could remember where – probably on Nerd Fitness) that you should ONLY do workouts you love. And if you only did workouts you love, you wouldn’t dread them, would rarely skip them, and you wouldn’t procrastinate. What do ya know! It works! I’ve been doing heavy lifting – which I love, and will come back to for my biggest struggle and volleyball. Volleyball is the only cardio I do consistently, once a week, for one set of three matches/games/whatever they’re called. Occasionally I’ll throw in a Cathe HiiT workout, which is tough by the way, but I love the challenge. And that’s it. My weight’s been going down and I don’t dread workouts or give halfway. I go all in on the workouts I do. I’m sure someone would  tell me I need more cardio if I want to lose weight. And I respect that opinion. But respectfully disagree.

Doing heavy lifting workouts actually raises my heart rate as much as running – of course I have long recovery times. But I’ve been told interval training is actually better for faster fat loss. Who knows if this (or any other fitness trend/myth) is true. I don’t delay my workouts all day, except when I get inside my own head. I try to very regularly increase my lift. And my smallest plates are 2 1/2 pounds, so when I increase, it’s by 5 pounds. And I remember the previous workout being tough. I generally increase on 3 rep days, but remember the previous 5 rep day feeling like I might not complete the five sets.

And you know what? I add those five pounds, and it’s fine. I guess this is what it’s like to get stronger!

I remember a few weeks ago putting 66 pounds on the bar at the end of a workout to do bench press. And I took the bar off and it fell onto my chest. I had to bail. LUCKILY my safety bars were in place and high enough I could slither out from under the bar! Anyway, after that, 66 pounds REALLY intimidated me. Mind you, it was the end of the workout and I’ve since isolated my upper and lower body lifts that use some similar muscles (bench and push press, or squats and lunges) so I can get the most from each lift. But the next time I had a 3 rep workout, I increased to 66. No problem. Next 5 rep workout, 66 was no big deal. This week, I was scared to increase to 71. But I did. And you know what? It was EASY! 100 pound bench press will be here in no time!

Same thing for squats. One day (probably on a lunge day), I thought I was going to have to bail in one of my later sets. I think it was around 91 pounds. This week I did 111 pounds, and did the up and down squat motion SLOWLY because I felt like the weight was light, so I wanted to get as much out of 111 pounds as I could!

It’s amazing how my mind holds back my lifts more than my body. And I let that mindset intimidate me more than the workout. I look forward to lifting, until I start to think I might fail. Part of me is worried about injury. Probably about 60% of the fear is injury. The other 40% is plain ego. And just MY ego. I workout alone, so no one would ever have to know if I put on 5 extra pounds, couldn’t do it, and had to take those 5 pounds back off…

But, overall, since I’ve taken out a set number of workout videos or runs per week, I’ve been working out more consistently.

In related news, I feel like I can’t jump as high in volleyball…. But, volleyball, since I love it so much, might be the real inspiration I need to continue running. We’ll see!


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