Another Day, Another Diet-Based Contradiction

Alright, first things first. I’m hugely against using drugs unless it’s a last-ditch effort. This spans everything from pain, to colds, to whatever. And largely for medical conditions, if possible. I also know some people who do everything they can, and still need medication. I’m not dumping on those people.

But here’s what’s confusing and frustrating: every day I read something nutrition-based that contradicts what I read the day before. Specifically, I’ve been reading everything I can get my hands on about naturally lowering triglycerides with diet. First, of course, I go through the government’s (and most doctor’s) advice of moderation, lots of whole grains, lean meats, fruits veggie, dairy, etc. I even went vegetarian/sometimes vegan for a short time. (I was constantly starving.) None of that improved my triglycerides, which my doctor has told me I might not be able to change with natural means. I disagree, so I press on.

The more I read, the more I’m convinced it’s all of the carbs that are causing my issue. I’m already eating at least 90% whole grain/whole wheat, as everyone suggests. I never make anything on my own that’s not whole wheat. And I always buy 100% whole wheat in everything. Whole wheat bread, English muffins, pita bread, pasta, brown rice, etc. If there’s not a “healthier” version, I don’t buy it.

I even lost between 5-10% of my weight, as I kept reading (now over 10%).

Blood work shows no improvement. None. You’d think the weight loss alone would help. Now, mind you, I’ve been working out regularly for over 10 years. I’m sure had I just started I would have at least seen improvements in good cholesterol with that. And I’ve been taking fish oil for years. And recently started on a low dose of niacin.

So, here I am now. I have read two articles in the last two days saying that people cured their diabetes or drastically improved cholesterol numbers with a plant-based diet. And this is after, a ton of research telling me lower carb (no more than 30 grams per meal) is the way to go. Lots of protein (specifically animal of course), severely limit white carbs – so use those thirty grams of carbs on fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Here’s the thing, what if everyone’s body isn’t the same? What if my body isn’t meant to be animal-free. Or on a low-fat diet? What if my body reacts negatively to any carbs, almost like a diabetic? And diet isn’t one-size fits all like we seem to want to make it? Or, worse, what if getting my cholesterol numbers lower isn’t achievable?

And what if going controlled carbs during meals DOES end up working for me? Does that mean it’s right for you? My theory is it might work. Might not. And each of us needs to go throughh this trial and error finding something that’s doable for the duration as well as improves and maintains our overall health.

Cancer is rampant, I’m convinced that’s from all the non-real processes crap we eat. N
But, I say that, and watch many people lose and maintain their weight loss with things like processed, portion-controlled snack cakes, fake-meat, non-dairy fat-free cheese, sugar free jello, lots of things I categorize as “not even food.” Mind you I eat canned cheese for nachos. Also not a real food. So this isn’t an attempt to judge anyone or their food choices.

My things, just like there are a million (or more!) ways to workout, there are probably also a million ways to eat. Variations in certain theories, no theory at all, or taking a hundred theories and finding just the right combination that works for you. You feel great, can maintain the eating habits for a lifetime, AND your body responds well. I’ve had the first two… But still on a mission for just the right eating plan that brings my triglycerides down naturally.


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