Forty Day Challenge

I know lots of people, for religious reasons or otherwise, embrace Lent as a time to make large or small changes in their lives. The past few years, I’ve taken those things that seem to hold me back the most and try to improve on them through Lent. Sometimes taking Sundays off, as prescribed (it is 47 days, after all, so take out the Sundays and you have 40 days), sometimes not.

Last year I gave up Facebook. It was good, too. That site can make a person narcissistic! Does anyone care what you had for dinner? Or that your fellow drivers were once again asshats? No, probably not. But if they don’t, it seems to dig at your self-esteem. And furthermore, the negativity, the “some people” posts, and worst of all, the fake happiness get to a person. I was ready for a break from the rage-inducing FB had done to me immediately previous to Lent last year. I was in a different place then. Now I do better. In fact, I’ve even recently gone so far as to delete some of those negative people (see ya, suckers), as well as a few people who I thought were good friends in my past, but had proven to be otherwise (I don’t see any reason to pretent you’re my friend to placate you – because you’re a bad friend and I don’t want you knowing what I’m having for dinner or see the most recent pictures of my house).

Anyway, leading up to Lent this year, I noticed I was eating out. A lot. And I’d noticed that social drinking, even if I didn’t drink that much, was a time user. Not only for the night I was out, but often times even the next day. Even without a hangover, lack of sleep makes me very unproductive. And with a hangover? Well, forget it. Not only am I not productive, I also eat like crap, don’t exercise (or move around much at all), and I rarely get my weekend cooking done. I do a lot of weekend cooking so I can eat healthy throughout the week.

So what did I decide to do? No drinking. And no breaks for Sundays, either. Also no eating out. I will cut myself some slack for really good reasons for one meal on a Sunday, but for the most part want to stick to it. Mostly so I can see how my body changes both in appearance and in cravings after six weeks sans restaurant food.

I’m seven days in, and so far, so good. I went “out” on Friday for a friend’s birthday. And it’s probably no surprise that hanging out with a bunch of drinking people when you’re sober is NO FUN. Not only are drunk people annoying… But it’s also sad to see how desperate and pathetic they act. I’m not judging. Well, maybe a little? It’s hard to put my feelings into words, but it does make me sad to see people so desperate to connect with someone. And to have to be so drunk to do it.

I also was surprised to find myself grossed out by people taking shots when they were already really, really drunk. I wanted to be like, “Why do you want that? To ensure a blackout?” Now, don’t get me wrong. I’ve done my share of drinking. And I’m sure I’ve taken shots long after I should have stopped. But I’ve never been a blackout person. Or a puker. And it makes me want to give up drinking all together after watching that to ensure I’m not that person.

The ironic thing is, people think they’re more fun when they’re drunk…..

So, anyway, we’ll see how it goes. My weight had crept back  up a little in the past few weeks, and dropped about 1 1/2 pounds the first week of Lent. I figure part of that might simply be getting away from the sodium in restaurant food. I’ll keep you updated on whether the loss continues.


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