Lenten Fail

I know the whole point shouldn’t have been to lose weight, but I’m about ten days into Lent and I haven’t lost a pound. In fact, I’m up a little. Sigh. I would have thought taking those extra calorie splurges out would have made a difference. Nope! I really do eat pretty healthy at home. I’ve found myself craving more sweets and carbs. Probably because I got those 2-3 times a week at restaurants with carb-heavy foods and beer. But even having a bit more bread or 140 calorie frozen waffles for breakfast, I feel like overall I’m eating much cleaner and healthier.

Just a few days over 2 months until Hawaii. So I’ve put the hammer down and am back o doing more cardio. I’ll still lift, but I’m adding in swimming and cycling. I keep saying the weight can’t ang on forever. Maybe it can? It’s stubborn like me!


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