You Shouldn’t Even Get Into Who I’m Giving Skins To

It’s none of your business!

OK, this post has nothing to do with sex. Or Salt-n-Peppa. Or, sadly, even the 90s. Oh, the 90s. I miss the 90s.

But I digress.

Nope, this post is about how much it floors me when people try to push me to do something with my body that’s none of their business. A common one is men with birth control. I mean, sure, I guess it’s their right to have an opinion. But it annoys me men think they can tell us we have to take it, or it’s our responsibility to take it (rather than them wearing condoms) since we carry the baby, or that we shouldn’t take it for whatever reason… OK, this is a little about sex. But just as an example.

The more I’ve gone down this path to health, the more I’ve started to treat my body with respect. This is a good thing. But it dosen’t seem to stop people from telling me to abuse my body, or do things my instincts tell me not to. Although I’m not always confident enough to speak up, it normally turns out my instincts are right.

Over the past week, I’ve had a friend push me to go to a chiropractor. First, I’ve been to two different chiropractors. My back issue isn’t debilitating. It’s more nagging and annoying and sometimes limits my range of motion or frequency of lifting. It’s not life-shattering, and I can work through it. I also sometimes take extra rest days or weeks. But in the back of my mind, I think this is good. Lifting can be a dangerous sport if you don’t rest enough. It’s funny how resting is OK if you’re “deloading” but not OK if you’re just taking care of an achy body. I guess I should just call it a “deload week” and own it! Anyway, the chiropractors I’ve been to have been very attentive, and while they do help with some things, they have never fixed this issue, which is more related to muscles. Three massage therapists say there are big knots and they can’t get them out. And I think they come from sitting at a desk all day and being overweight. I hate putting any ailment on my weight without knowing for sure, but part of me thinks if I lost a little weight in the chest, I’d have less strain on my back, and boom, better back. Probably not 100% since I’m at a desk all day. But still. Chiro’s never helped (aside from one that does active release technique). So back off. I said, “No thanks.” Don’t stalk me and tell me your hot friend is better. Thanks.

I’ve had the same reaction with my supplements I’m taking for candida. I’ve had a host of reactions, varying from overwhelming fatigue, swollen glands, small rashes, bad breath, stomach aches, metallic taste in my mouth, etc. And for whatever reason, people encourage me to “workout, you’ll probably feel better.” Or the most astounding, to take a lacross ball or rumble roller to my lymph nodes. Pretty sure you shouldn’t do that. But, mob mentality or lack of medical experience maybe? I know all of these people only mean well. But sometimes don’t offer advice when you don’t know the situation exactly. All of these are common signs of detox/toxins in your body. The best advice is probably water and rest. Just like if you’re sick. My body probably thinks it’s sick, anyway!

I guess over the past several weeks, I’ve started to see how many people stick their opinions in stuff when they really don’t know. It’s made me more aware of doing that myself. I don’t ever want to try to tell someone to do something they aren’t comfortable with. Or portray knowledge on something when I have none. I also need to learn to trust my own instincts. And stick to MY plan, even when others try to steer me off course.


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