Health Snobs: How Did They Become Who They Are?

Riddle me this: Why do people who start out approachable, happy, helpful people devolve into health snobs when they’ve achieved their definition of health? Discuss. I need to know the answer. I have many friends who, the more they progress down the path of health, turn almost competitive and in many cases, turn into snobs. They lose a few pounds, start lifting higher weights, learn about things like probiotics, organic fruits and vegetables, organ meats, etc. And suddenly they’re king of everything. Not only do they become judgy of people who are in their former shoes (haven’t found their way or are trying to), but they’re outwardly pretentious. “This goes out to all of the people who ask how I can eat so much and stay so skinny.” Or, “I eat organics for obvious reasons. Well, obvious to me.” Or, “I can’t help it when fat people keep stuffing their faces with junk and don’t realize that’s why they’re fat. It’s not my fault they don’t know what healthy actually is.”

Just… Just shut up. 


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