Progress Report – July 15th

Well, I’ve done it! Six weeks gluten-free. I’ve had a few unintentional slips, I’m sure. And I’ve had a few very small aware slips. But I’ve decided this is how I’ll move forward. Avoid gluten as much as possible, and when it’s awkward or I REALLY want something, I’ll haveit.

What have my slips been?

1. beer
2. homemade bread
3. accidental

Yep, that’s it. Two intentional slips that have been totally worth it. And don’t worry, I’M not the one making bread to use it as an excuse to eat it. Rather, I’ve been around it twice where my mom’s made it and it was simply worth it to eat. And at that point, I just have one very small piece, with butter, and move on.

What differences have I observed?

In the first four days – misery! Sugar cravings and agony. But I’ve done low-carb before, and this was similar, only a very specific craving. To get through it, I ate more sugar in general. Worried less about the sugar, with the goal of getting the gluten out.

By the end of the first week, my cravings were gone, and I was overall less hungry. Fantastic!

In fact, by the end of the first week, I wasn’t incessantly hungry. This was one of my “weird” things that most people didn’t believe and never made sense to me. I could eat a huge meal and in less than a half an hour be genuinely hungry again. It sucked. And made me feel so powerless around food. At times I felt like I could spiral into eating disorder territorty. Luckily, I never did. Although I did a LOT of voluntary starving. That sucked. No more! I’m maintaining my weight without counting calories.

However, I haven’t lost weight. When people hear I gave up gluten, they ALWAYS ask if I’ve lost weight. I haven’t. But not craving all the time and being less hungry in general is so fucking nice. I won’t even say excuse my language. It’s glorious to not feel powerless around food. Craving all the time. I don’t even know my period’s coming anymore. It’s fantastic. So, weight loss? Meh. It’ll come.

The other thing that there are no measurements for like weight loss is improved emotional state. I was having some low-grade anxiety problems. Incessant, and making me anxious about being anxious. Gone! The theory is when your body’s intolerant to a food, it has to spend the time dealing with that, rather than with emotional stuff. Get the bad foods out, your body can deal with things like anxiety, depression, etc. much more easily. Anxiety’s such a hard thing to explain, but I feel like mine is almost totally gone. I’m not exaggerating. With that, I feel so much more relaxed and happy. People gloss over this improvement because it’s not physical like weight loss. But, man, this is the best improvement.

And my second place improvement (tied with less hunger) is in energy. I’m telling you what, energy like when I was in college! The first month was hard, I think I felt MORE tired many days. But now I feel great. It might be hormonal or cyclical. I’ll have to get into it more. But there are times I NEED to workout to burn off some energy. This is something I haven’t felt for years! This means I’m starting to workout more, and I suspect this increased energy will be what helps the weight finally drop off. For the past four or five years, even though I ENJOY working out, I’ve felt so run down, it was a struggle to workout as often or as hard as I wanted. Now? I want to workout, and can’t fall asleep many nights if I don’t.

I expect with working out harder and more regularly, my sleep will also pick up and be deeper and better. Over the past two years, my sleep’s improved, but it’s still on and off. Recently the anxiety was what bothered me. Now? Less anxiety, burning off energy more organically, I expect to sleep better. I’ll check in on that more.

So what’s next?

Dairy. And I’ve also added in giving up tomatoes. As you know, I have some auto-immune stuff going on and keep reading that tomatoes are the worst offenders of the nightshades. I’d been eating an unacceptable amount. And my face has been breaking out more. But I recently started using magnesium oil transdermally (more on that later, but google it!), and my cravings and NEED for tomatoes in any form has almost vanished! So I’m getting on that wagon. And I’m working hard to reduce my dairy intake. Almost all of my dairy comes from cheese, one of my all-time favorite foods. So I’m working on reducing as much as possible right now. I know with gluten, I had to go totally gluten free to see the rewards. So I expect the same with dairy. I’m taking it a day at a time so I don’t give up totally. Mostly I want to see:

1. Improvement in skin – this is #1. And the worst thing for a thirty year old. SO EMBARRASSING!
2. Help with weight loss. If it is a bad food FOR ME (I try to always say this, I believe no two bodies are exactly alike), my weight loss will come easier when my body’s not fighting a food intolerance.

As I mentioned, I’ve been doing magnesium oil transdermally. I’ve also added in taking turmeric and black pepper supplements (which I make myself). That’s supposed to help with systemic inflammation. And I’m back on the broth/stock train. All things that are suppose to help you heal, and hopefully put my body in the right place to drop some weight. I’m starting to feel the pressure of two upcoming weddings I’m in. I’d LOVE to drop at least 20 pounds before then. 30 if possible! Thirty feels like a huge stretch, honestly. But maybe once it starts coming off, it’ll come off faster than I think? If not, it’s just a wedding. One moment in time.


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