Another Update – Slow And Steady Wins The Race

I can’t believe it’s both only and has already been six weeks since my last post. I say only because so much has changed. But I say already because it seems fast that so many things have changed.

No, I still haven’t lost weight. Sigh. But I have done several things to continue improving.

  1. My face – Oh my face! I have seen drastic improvements on this front. My biggest problems with my face were food-related. I had allergies to magnesium, eggs and peppers. First, I was supplementing with magnesium non-stop (b/c I had so many signs of deficiency). This was making my face break out. Who knew? I got that treated, and it made a huge improvement. But, then I also got treatments for peppers and eggs. I’d break out at the smallest amount of either, and now I can have both without much reaction. Too many eggs still makes me break out. And sadly, they also constipate me. But the improvement is HUGE. I’m going to go back for a second more detailed egg treatment sometime (I had to do two treatments for peppers). Mostly I want to do that so I can have an egg now and then and not get constipated. But as far as the face goes, it’s probably better than it’s been in years. YIPPEE!!
  2. I also got a treatment for my thyroid this week. It’s only been a few days but I have already noticed a few things. One – MORE ENERGY! I’m not bouncing off the walls or anything, but for the first time in years, I didn’t hit an afternoon slump yesterday. I have also been randomly trying to use light therapy to improve my sleep cycles and keep my mood up, but this change came suddenly after the thyroid treatment. I suspect both are at play, but think the thyroid treatment gets credit for the sudden big improvement. I feel like I am sleeping deeper, I wake up more refreshed with more energy, and have a lot clearer head. Yippee again! I’m hoping this will somehow have some effect on my weight, but if it doesn’t, I need to remember, extra energy and mental clarity alone are important. So I’m staying focused on that.
  3. My back – I’ve been focusing on this a lot. I actually bought this back stretcher. I’ve been trying to use it a few times a day. I’m also doing this yoga routine. I get the best results from the neck stretch at the very end, and do that several times per day. I still have a lot of mid-back pain and upper-back tightness, but hopefully with these two things and the use of my lacrosse balls and foam roller, I’ll regain a lot of flexibility/mobility.
  4. I have also increased my carb intake. I finally decided I was focused a lot on restricting. I don’t go crazy each day, but I’ve given myself more leniency with carbs during meals, and let myself go up to the 50g range for meals (loosely). Sometimes I do more, mostly I do less. I probably get 150-200g of carbs per day (whereas before I was aiming for less than 100g per day). I feel a lot better this way, and the eating seems a lot more sustainable for the long-term. When I get my cholesterol checked next, I’ll see how it looks for my triglycerides. If they’ve crept too high, I’ll cut back again.
  5. I’m back to heavy lifting! I’ve set a brand new deadlift PR (225 pounds!). And I’m working my way back up with squats. My back tightness was a huge hindering factor with squats, and I felt like I was going to injure myself again. So focusing on back flexibility and mobility this week and moving forward will hopefully give me some more mobility for squats. I have put bench press on hold a bit while I work on some rotator cuff issues, but I feel like that pain may also be indirectly tied to back tightness.
  6. Running – I’ve also been slowly trying to get back to running. My goal is to go 1 mile straight by the end of the year. My long-term goal is to run 1 1/2-2 miles once or twice a week. So I don’t have any overly-ambitious running goals. But I do enjoy a quick run from time to time, and feel a lot better physically knowing running a few feet won’t kill me.
  7. Oh, gluten! I also got a treatment for gluten/wheat. And I feel less affected by it now. I used to have some slight digestive distress. I can’t decide, but think that’s mostly gone. I still don’t eat a ton of wheat, but also don’t feel anxiety creeping in.

For what it’s worth, these “treatments” I’m talking about are AAT (advanced allergy therapeutics)¬†treatments. That link will take you to a basics about it, and you can google a bit more on it if you’re interested. The treatment isn’t cheap ($165 initial test, and then $110 per treatment – I’m spending about $400 per month on the treatments). But, once you’ve treated something, it’s fixed for good. You don’t go back every single week for shots. Some things (like peppers) take more than one treatment. And some things (like foods) have precursor treatments (vitamins, minerals, food parts, etc.) you have to treat before you can treat a food.

You can treat foods, seasonal/outdoor/indoor allergies, body parts, etc. Body parts I’ve treated are my sweat and sebaceous glands (for acne when I worked out). The sweat glands made a huge improvement. Sebaceous, I noticed no improvement. I treated my hair follicles (but she forgot to treat the hair itself, which is very frustrating, so I’ll have to pay twice for what should have been one treatment) for some issues I have with razor rash and burn. That improvement was minimal, but I think only doing half the treatment is why. And then I’ve treated my pituitary gland (which controls the adrenals and thyroid) before I treated my thyroid. I noticed no improvement with my pituitary treatment, but have with my thyroid. I intend to treat adrenals next. Foods I’ve treated are the precursors (biggest improvements has been magnesium), wheat, cheese (dairy is broken into several treatments), peppers (and capsicum), and eggs. I have a really bad dry eye, so my eye is also on my list to eventually treat.

Since it’s so expensive, I’m only going once per week. It’s hard to not break down and go a lot, but I get more reward out of treating one thing and actually seeing the improvement before the next treatment.

Anyway, I’m not saying this is for everyone. But it’s been a life-saver for me. ESPECIALLY the magnesium, which my body sorely needed but wasn’t absorbing AND was rejecting as acne. But also, now I can get accidental exposure to peppers, or even intentional. I don’t eat a ton of peppers now, and even discovered I don’t even like the taste of bell peppers anymore. But I do like spicy. And I like eating salsa. And I like having cheese dip on an occasional trip to a Mexican restaurant. I love not avoiding those foods. And not worrying that there will be a small amount of peppers in something.

As for the skin stuff, I’m very thankful for the sweat gland treatment. And so far, the thyroid treatment. I feel like if I could find a way to drop about 20-30 pounds and keep it off easily (easily being with a healthy, but non-caloric restrictive so I’m always hungry, and moderate (2-3 weight workouts and one cardio) workouts each week), I would say it’s worth ANY price.

I also have noticed my periods are slowly getting closer and closer together. Last year they were 25-28 day cycles. In the past I used to have an almost perfect 28 (if anything it was 28-32 days) day cycle. And in the past few months, I’ve had some cycles that are closer to 23 days. So I feel like now I’m creeping into the 23-26 day range. I don’t think this change is healthy, and although I have no intention of having children, I DO want my body to function at its hormonal prime. There are additional treatments (beyond pituitary, thyroid and adrenal) for hormone-related stuff. So I feel like I have a ways to go.


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