Book: May Cause Miracles

Over the past several months I’ve been working on improving my attitude, perspective and happiness. Some steps have been empowering myself – going after weaknesses in my job skillset, facing fears, and saying “no” more often.

I have also been prioritizing sleep. And doing something pretty hippie: diffusing essential oils.

But one thing I’ve really enjoyed is reading Gabrielle Bernstein’s May Cause Miracles. As a disclaimer, her definition of a miracle is simply having a change in perspective. So instead of being a victim, re-telling your story or seeing opportunities. Face your fears, or even simply acknowledging them, and seeing fear and your ego are limiting you.

This book has been fantastic. You do a quick one minute meditation in the morning, a short focus at lunchtime, then usually some journaling at night. I think simply taking these times for yourself would improve happiness. But following Gabby’s approach really does create subtle shifts. Forgiving yourself or others. And realizing everyone’s unhappiness comes in most part from fears.

I am just barely in to week two, and I have so much positive, I feel myself rejecting and pushing away negative people. My boss who is a roller coaster of grumpy moods. One day he’s hilarious. The next he’s a bear. Seeing the fruitless competition and complaining on social media. Anything the media prints.


I walk away from arguments I can’t win before they start. I am a lot more empathetic. I smile at people. I say things like, “good morning” and “have a great weekend” and mean it. When the pace speeds up, I consciously slow down. I see my aggression, frustration, anger, unhappiness and shut it down. I haven’t been in such a positive mood in years. I feel like a brand new person. Only not brand new. Rather the old me.

Thanks to Gabby. And I’m so excited to get through the remaining four plus weeks. She dedicates a week to food issues. I can’t wait to get there for my next post. But general peace and well being is relative to overall health. So, even without that, I’m a lot healthier. And I enjoy being in my own skin more!


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