T-Tapp – 8 Day Bootcamp

I decided to embark on a 7-10 day T-Tapp bootcamp. (Spoiler: I made it 8 days.) Below is my journey.

I did a little research on WHY you should do a T-Tapp bootcamp, and it sounds like the magic is in your body LEARNING T-Tapp. I’ve always shied away from bootcamps because of my past adrenal fatigue issues. My issues have improved greatly. In fact, I’m not sure if I actually had adrenal fatigue or anemia and host of related issues. I’ve been much better since about 6ish months after starting iron supplements. Despite the recommendation on the T-Tapp Facebook page, I’ve decided to try a bootcamp anyway! (Famous last words?)

My Background
I’ve been doing T-Tapp informally for almost three years (will be 3 years in July). At first I just did Basic Workout Instructional and Plus. I only originally did the instructional the first week or so, then moved into BWO+. At first, I probably did 3ish workouts a week. Over time, I was able to build up to some days doing 4-6 workouts. In December before I sold my house I was doing SOME T-Tapp every single day. I’d do the full Tempo workout every other day and PBS and a few other moves the other days. I have been steadily gaining weight the past 5-6 years, almost seemingly for no reason. I’d try low carb or fasting and would lose 3-8 pounds, then would stall and gain everything plus more back. Other times I’d step on teh scale and watch it climb 5 pounds here, 3 pounds there. I’ve never been officially diagnosed with anything, but I also don’t do the diagnosis chasing that’s easy to get in the routine of. I was told there’s nothing serious wrong. That’s all *I* needed.

After having good luck in December doing more T-Tapp workouts, and recovering from two weeks of heavy work moving, in late February I decided to start doing traditionally “harder” workouts (specifically, The Firm, which I LOVE). I made it about 9 weeks before my hip flexor started hurting and I ended up with piriformis pain, stopping me from all workouts. But my body was gaining endurance and strength until that point. And I was working out about 5 days a week. I felt good about that progress, but so frustrated with the hip, I decided to go back to T-Tapp since I’d never had issues there. The Tuesday after this decision was a Discount Tuesday. And it all fell together!

I bought Brain Body Fitness Floor for my hip. But I also bought Brain Body Turn Back Time on a whim. I liked the description of the workout and had seen it recommended for others. The first time I did the workout, I did it slowly with lots of pauses. And after I finished, it was the first time in three years I felt REAL muscle activation after a T-Tapp workout. I always thought “muscle activation” meant you could feel your muscles flexing during the workout. I always felt that – I understood where traps where, or how to feel the work in the inner thighs or flexing when I curl, etc. But this was different. It was like my body learned a new way to be post-workout. My stance walking after felt more stable, stronger. I LOVED it. I felt aligned. But the next morning it was gone. I realized I probably haven’t been doing T-Tapp right this entire time, and the reason I wasn’t seeing progress was because my body wasn’t “learning” and “saving” these changes. I wanted to maintain that strong feeling all the time! I decided to try a bootcamp.

My Bootcamp Definition
I didn’t know a lot about bootcamps. It seemed people bend and flex it to be their own way. Others feel strongly about doing the same workout the whole time, preferably the instructional. There also seems to be a camp who says it’s a bootcamp if you’re doing a workout you’re not supposed to do daily (anything 30 minutes or more). I decided not to over-complicate MY goal: to force my body to learn and retain the alignment changes. And hopefully this would come from a mix of different instructional and to speed workouts, focused on form, and being more intentional with maintaining alignment outside of the workouts.

My goal was 7-10 days. Why 7-10 days? Well, what I’ve read says 4 days if you need to lose 1-2 sizes. 7 days if you want to lose 2-3 sizes. I’d like to lose 3-4 sizes. So 7-10 days sounds right.

If you want to cut directly to what I did in the bootcamp, scroll all the way down. I’ll be recapping my inches lost in the bootcamp and through thirty days (total, including bootcamp) in another post.

Monday, May 2nd (Day 1)
Today I started my day doing my own version of PBS (meaning, from memory) and then hoe downs (2 sets like at the end of BWO+). I mostly wanted to stretch my back since it’s always tight when I get out of bed. And figured why not add in some hoe downs.

After work I did Brain Body Fitness – Turn Back Time (standing portion – 36 minutes). The first time I did Turn Back Time, I paused a lot because it was raining and I had a problem in my basement I had to attend to every 10-15ish minutes. I didn’t do any  pausing this time, but I did take some water breaks where she’d say “reset.” Next time I do this workout, I think I will pause more often because I felt myself dragging toward the end. At the start of this workout, I feel warm internally. Near the end I really start sweating. Overall, great first day!

Tuesday, May 3rd (Day 2)
I woke up tired today, but I didn’t get to bed until later than I should have. Goal tonight is to get in bed with plenty of time to sleep a full eight hours. I did PBS before work, and did one set of hoe downs (like they do in MORE). I noticed some aching in my hands during the workday, and was definitely feeling my lats by mid-morning. By lunchtime, I was excited to get in my workout! I was going to do MORE instructional, which I’d misunderstood to be 20 minutes. The description of the video listed several items, mentioning the instructional, and said “all under 20 minutes.” I think if I had known the instructional was 40 minutes, I would have been mentally prepared. When I reached 20 minutes and it wasn’t done, I thought, “Oh, maybe she talks at the beginning and it’s really 22 minutes.” Then I get to the 25 minute mark. Then the 28 minute mark where I finally turned it off. It was definitely a mental barrier, but I also seem to pace myself based on the length of the workout. That means I slow down and do longer instructional at a less aggressive pace. But can do the 15-20 minute workouts harder and my endurance lasts.

Note: I started doing “Not Free Kickouts” at work today after reading about them in the forums. They’re supposed to shake off a foggy brain. Read about them here.

Wednesday, May 4th (Day 3)
Unfortunately, I felt like I was getting a cough today. A few people at my work have terrible coughs, and I felt the tickle in my throat. My brain said to skip the workout because often working out makes me finally get sick. However, once I got home, I started to question if this is just an excuse to quit. My compromise was to do the MORE workout (20 minutes). It’s supposed to be one of the more gentle workouts. And I was excited to see the instructional carry over to the actual workout! I think moving forward I’ll do the instructional one day, then the workout itself the following. It was a great workout, and I worked up a really nice sweat.

Observation: I also noticed when I was walking around my house that I’m carrying that T-Tapp stance into the next day now! I felt the difference BEFORE my MORE workout. When in the past, by the next morning, it was gone. Yippee! So sounds like three days was a nice magic number for me!

Thursday, May 5th (Day 4)
I slept great last night. Thursdays are my early day so I’m tired today, but felt better than the average Thursday. I didn’t do any AM T-Tapp work for no reason other than I forgot.

HHMM (Healthy Hormones for Menopause Management) Instructional was on the schedule. The instructional is just over 40 minutes. Mentally I prepared for a longer workout so the workout didn’t meet the same fate as MORE Instructional on Day 2.

I still haven’t measured. But know I should so I’ll be motivated by inches lost.

I complete the instructional for HHMM, and had a moment at the halfway mark (19-27 minutes) where I wanted to give up. But I finished! And when I did, I was so glad I did.

Observation: Today I started to feel like T-Tapp was more of a challenging workout than I have in the past. I’ll be honest, in the past, I always thought of T-Tapp as an interim workout. I decided to embrace the interim workout for the long term not because it’s what I wanted to do, but because after the hip flexor/piriformis problem, I felt like it’s the only thing my body liked. However, as I finished up last night’s workout and was sweaty and breathing hard, I realized it IS a real workout. I hope that’s not offensive to T-Tappers out there! Just an honest progress report from someone who felt like she was compromising. I LOVE a good hard cardio workout, or the powerful feeling of lifting weights or doing a “real” pushup. But today as my muscles feel sore (but strong), I realized this might really be a good fit for me, after all. Too bad it took me nearly 3 years to get here! In my defense, three years ago I was in the throes of adrenal fatigue, and I never could have done a bootcamp. I probably should have started with the MORE workout. Nonetheless, I’m glad I am where I am now. I’m so thankful for the recovery I’ve seen!

Friday, May 6th (Day 5)
I slept great! I woke up tired, but I’ve really been not making sleep a priority this week. Tomorrow I’ll sleep in and allow myself a nap.

I also measured myself this morning. And when I went up the stairs to get the measuring tape, I realized my legs were sore and fatigued. I made a deal with myself that if I was still as sore/tired by the time I was ready to do the workout, I’d stop. I read somewhere that any time you aren’t recovering from the last workout you’ve done, your body is telling you it needs more rest to recover. Easy enough to test if I should be working out!

I updated my measurements and weights on the pages on this site and definitely had a “down” moment. It’s very strange to know how much weight I’ve gained (more than 45 pounds, although I’ve lost a few from my highest), and see the inches I’ve gained, and realizing it makes me want to give up. I know for some people, seeing these things are their bottom, or the turning point where they realize they need to change. I just feel negative and depressed about it. But I’ve given myself a pep talk. The weight can come back off slowly, as long as it’s healthy. No starving. No “I need more cardio!” No “I should workout MORE.” Rather, I started to think about how far I have to go, and giving my body what it needs to be healthy, not extreme and punishing it.

I also keep seeing “lose 2 dress sizes in a month” on T-Tapp covers. I used to do Firm workouts, and they’d say, “Visible results in 10 workouts.” And since they’d have your workout rotation be about 3 workouts a week, that would be in a month. And that really did happen for me with The Firm. I’m hopeful I’ll see two dress sizes in a month! Today’s the starting point of that month.

By the end of the day Friday, I was ready to call off the bootcamp. Not because of any particular reason, other than I got home late from family stuff and was tired. But in the morning, I told myself my test for continuing would be whether or not I felt fatigue/pain when I climbed the stairs. I was somewhat hopeful I would feel tired. But despite the long day, my legs didn’t feel sore or tired, so I popped in HHMM (to speed), telling myself I’d do it until I really hated it or my form failed. I did the whole workout, and felt great after!

Saturday, May 7th (Day 6)
Since I moved, I’ve been on the hunt for my BWO+ (I think BWO Instructional 1 is on the BWO+ DVD?) DVD. I wanted to do Instructional 1. I couldn’t find the DVD, but I DID find the Total Workout DVD holder, which was so exciting. I thought I’d originally bought Total Workout, but after so long of not having it, I thought I must have bought something else. I also found the Tempo DVD. I decided to do the BWO+ Tempo DVD. And, man, it felt like Theresa was FLYING! I worked up probably the best sweat I’ve worked up in a T-Tapp workout, ever! That was exciting. I never once felt like quitting, and felt great after. Following the workout, I did about an hour of yard work in the sun. Showered, and felt fine the rest of the day. The only weird “fallout” I had was my heart was beating kind of weird, but I’ve seen a trend with that after sweating a lot. So I took some magnesium before bed (I don’t take mag daily), and Sunday felt fine.

Sunday, May 8th (Day 7)
It was a dreary, rainy day. I had some yard work I wanted to do in the morning before storms in the afternoon, but it rained all morning and all afternoon. No break for yard work. I used it as an excuse to have a totally lazy day. I decided to try Finger and Foot Fitness for the first time. Strangely, my foot flexibility seemed to be better than average. I don’t know a single thing where my flexibility is above average, or even average. Regardless, my feet felt looser after the video. I also tacked on MORE Chair.

Monday, May 9th (Day 8)
Since I’ve reached the 7+ part of this bootcamp, I have reached the point I’ll allow myself to “quit” at any point without feeling like I’m quitting. I felt like working out tonight, so I did  MORE My Home to Yours. I think this workout was around 27 minutes. I felt great after!

Tuesday, May 10th (Day 9)
Work has been a nightmare lately. Everything feels out of control and unorganized, and my stress level has been through the roof, and my attitude and perspective has been AWFUL. I probably made all of this an excuse, but I started to wonder if my attitude was worse because I had worked out for eight straight days. So I decided to take a break Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Get in a good bout of yard work, then get into the every other day swing over the weekend.

Observations (written on day 15)
Overall, I’m so happy I did this bootcamp. I feel like I got what I wanted – muscle memory! I don’t think I lost any inches. Or, so far, I can’t feel it in my clothes. But I do feel like my stance walking has improved. And I swear I feel more core strength.

I didn’t lose or gain any weight. I suppose that’s worth noting. I won’t be tracking my specific workouts the remainder of the 30 days (I’ll go until June 4th – 30 days after measuring). I feel like I might actually like to workout a bit more often than every other day. I’ve found I feel better when I workout regularly. I wonder if I can find a good morning routine, or even start working toward morning workouts. I’ve been doing some intermittent dry skin brushing and have been using PG spray occasionally. I’m going to focus on those two and getting enough water the remainder of the 30 days. Here’s hoping!

Bootcamp Break Down:

  • Day 1 – 5/2 – PBS+2 sets hoe downs (AM), Brain Body Fitness Turn Back Time Standing portion (36 minutes)
  • Day 2 – 5/3 – PBS+1 set of hoe downs (AM), “Not Free Kickouts” at work (2 sets), 28 of 40 minutes of MORE Rehab Instructional
  • Day 3 – 5/4 – PBS+T-Tapp Twist stretch (AM), “Not Free Kickouts” at work (2 sets), MORE Rehab workout (20 minutes)
  • Day 4 – 5/5 – Healthy Hormones for Menopause Management Instructional – 41 minutes
  • Day 5 – 5/6 – Healthy Hormones for Menopause Management – 27 minutes
  • Day 6 – 5/7 – Basic Workout Plus Tempo – 18 minutes
  • Day 7 – 5/8 – Foot and Finger Fitness (1+ hour) and MORE Chair (10 minutes), positive assertions PM
  • Day 8 – 5/9 – Positive assertions and PBS+T-Tapp Twist stretch (just stretch) AM, MORE My Home to Yours (27 minutes)

Has anyone out there had great success with T-Tapp? If so, chime in with your experience, feedback, etc. I’d love to hear from you!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. familyofjoysHannah
    Jun 26, 2016 @ 11:53:05

    Loved reading this good for you!! I’ve been T-Tapping for 3 years as well and the longer I have done it the harder it becomes. It always challenges me and I still have sweat running down everything by the time I hit the 40minute Mark on linger workouts. I think the reason they recommend doing the same workout daily for a boot camp is because you’re working the same muscles the same way deeper and deeper. But I can understand if you’ve T-Tapped a long time it might not be appealing. I am currently doing a senior fit boot camp to get over a plateau, I’m splitting up instructional or doing senior fit tempo 4 for at least 4/days. I was rereading what is recommended about bootable and came across your blog, it was fun to read. I hope you continue to see new strength and flexibility!


    • stumbletowardhealth
      Jul 31, 2016 @ 15:02:47

      Sorry I’m just now replying. I didn’t see this until just now. How did Seenior Fit treat you? I’ve been doing more variety of workouts recently, but have been itching to get Turn Back Time back out. T-Tapp seems to keep me from having those weird aches and pains, like a neck that feels like it needs to pop. :)


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