Fast – Day One

I’m glad I did some more reading on fasting today, or all hope would have been lost. I got hangry at work. First day of fasting should probably not be a workday when you’re a relative newbie (this is my second fast) like me. But, I’m not considering it a total failure. I ate lunch – steak, salad (no croutons or tomatoes) and steamed broccoli. And, boy, was that the right choice. I had three big things come up at work in the afternoon, and being so hungry would have resulted in a meltdown. 

My goal is to try to make it to dinner tomorrow. That will be around 28 hours. Worst case, I’ll eat lunch and dinner, and start up a fast again. I’d like to stretch the number of days out, but have a family dinner tomorrow, and I hate the explanation part of this approach.

My other goal is to stick to low carb for any meals I do have. That lunch got me through six hours unscathed, and if I had caved for pizza or chips, I probably would have felt miserable and fallen off the wagon entirely. In two weeks, I have a real dinner planned, with all kinds of shenanigans. So that will be my first real “cheat.” Until then, I’ll see how I feel. I’d like to have longer stretches of no food. But if I do intermittent fasting, that’s fine, too. And if I only do 2-3 24 hour window fasts, that’s great as well. 

My goal is weight loss. So, I need to hang on! Now, to bed. I’m exhausted. This happened with my first fast as well. 


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