Fast – Day Two

It’s just before 9:20 AM as I write this. I slept pretty great last night. I woke earlier than normal for a weekend (around 6:15), so I’m not sure if that’s why I’m tired now, or if it’s the fast. I suspect a little of both. Right now my energy is pretty low. I haven’t had any caffeine, yet. I’m about to make a cup of caffeinated tea. Normally I drink a Coke Zero with vanilla as my caffeine, but something that sweet doesn’t sound great. Plus, I’m not sure if diet soda will create a hunger surge. Right now, my hunger is about a three, definitely manageable.

Come to think of it, I should go ahead and make that tea. Last thing I need is a caffeine headache! Plus, I have lots of awesome teas. 

Yesterday, I felt like I di better than average with water, and was in the bathroom a lot. This morning I was down 2 pounds, but I know it’s water weight. 

Today, water has been less of a success. I filled up one of those 30 ounce stainless steel mugs (the kinds that keep stuff cold forever) with ice water right before bed, and I’m just about halfway through it. But I haven’t really wanted anything else. I feel that weird tired, disconnected, I could eat but nothing sounds good, dragging feeling right now. This is why I think the first part of fasting (or low carb) is a day off work deal.

I did some reading last night about the best approach for weight loss, thinking I’d find and commit to a longer term fast. However, it sounds like variety might benefit me. Maybe do some 24+ hour fasts like I’m on now (my fast will probably be around 28-30 hours). But my first day fast wasn’t terrible, either, at 14ish hours. Right now, my plan is to eat dinner tonight and see how I feel Sunday. If I feel good, I might fast the entire day Sunday and until lunch Monday. If I need to eat Sunday, I will. Until my dinner party in two weeks, I’m going to try to remain relatively low carb and avoid processed foods where I can. 

I’ll definitely plan to break my fast prior to the dinner in two weeks so I’m not miserable after I eat. And my goal will be to fast the entire day AFTER the dinner party, so I don’t fall off the wagon.

I have zero plans to be active today, except maybe I’ll consider doing a short walk/jog interval after dinner if my energy is good. If it’s not, I won’t. I don’t want to give up the long term benefits being greedy with short term loss. 

I’m also thinking of some sort of celebration/reward system for both weight loss and fasting days. Obviously, clothes will be one reward if I do lose…. No, when I do lose! :) 

It is so hard to be encouraged since nothing has worked for the past five years. But I’ve read a handful of stories like mine where people were perpetually stalled, or would start to lose then suddenly start gaining and gain 5-7 more than where they started. That’s how the last forty-five pounds came on. Sure, it’s been mixed with a lot of frustrayion, leading to complacency or downright, “who cares if I’m fat?” But, genuinely, I watch so many people eat far worse than me, and be far less active. I know it’s not a 1:1 thing. But, it also doesn’t make sense. 

I’m going to finish this tea, and if I have the energy, I’ll mow the riding mower part of my yard. Then I’ll either take a nap, or head to hang out with my family. Break my fast with some chicken, salad and homemade yogurt (with some sugar-free jam) for dinner. I’ll check back in later today or tomorrow. I’m hopeful I’ll feel better as far as mental sharpness and energy go! 


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