Fast – Day Three – Update 2

I’m posting another update because it feels like if I don’t post mostly in the moment, I forget the moment. I ended up going to two grocery stores because I’ve wanted to try my hand at homemade mozzarella cheese for a few years now, but felt like I never had the time. Well, now I have the time. I went to one store that’s in a storefront right next to a fantastic restaurant with some of the best fried chicken I’ve ever had. It’s what they’re known for, so, to me, outside of the restaurant always smells like fried chicken. Went in the store (couldn’t find rennet), and when I came out, I almost melted into the sidewalk from the smells. The smells! 

But I resisted, and headed to another store. This store had a hot foods section that tried (with less fervor than the fried chicken restaurant or my mom’s kitchen) to sabotage me. As I’m walking down the aisle, drawn in by brownie mixes and fancy cheeses, I think, “I should stay home, it’s easier at home.” But then realized, this is why I should get out. Try to make some of those smells and images less powerful. I have no idea if you can ever be immune, but I’m far too easily influenced. 

Never found the rennet, but I ordered some online, and plan to try cheese making maybe Tuesday or Wednesday. In the meantime, I’m watching St. Elmo’s Fire, and drinking a cup of broth. Originally, I scraped the hardened fat off of my broth, but now I think a little extra fat between eating is probably a GOOD thing. So I added a bit (maybe a teaspoon) of salted butter to it. I’ll probably have another cup tonight closer to bed, if I start to feel hungry.

My mental clarity is still about a 5, even after caffeine. I’m hopeful I will feel better with this tomorrow. The workday will be tough not feeling clear. My energy is a bit lower than this morning. Fine for desk work, but definitely not aching for a workout like earlier. 

Other than that, it’s been a good day so far, and I don’t see obstacles between tonight and breakfast tomorrow. In the morning, I’ll decide whether to:

  1. Fast through breakfast as planned or eat
  2. Break the fast at lunch as planned or continue fasting
  3. Fast until dinner or break it then, if I haven’t at breakfast or lunch

I feel like #2 is most likely because:

  1. I’m usually not hungry right when I get up and I can probably power through to lunch
  2. Skipping lunch at work was the hardest part of fasting though my first extended fast – I want the break, and emotionally, food is on the brain.

I do have an errand to run at lunch, so it’s possible that will give me a break and keep me busy enough. Can’t predict it! Yesterday, by dinner, I was ready to eat my arm! 


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