Fast – Day Three – Update Three

Well, I had a rough hour. I had to have a second cup of broth (with butter), then got out of the house to distract myself. When I got back, I was starving, and couldn’t think of much else, so I started reading celebrity gossip. :) Suddenly I felt sick to my stomach. Not like I’d actually be sick, but like the start of car sickness. I realized I’d had less than 30 ounces of water today (not including tea, diet soda and broth, which moves me up to much more). But I chugged some water, and ten minutes later I feel great. When you fast, you’ll have these moments of “lightness” that I didn’t understand pre-fast. Your body feels light, and your head feels great, and your energy goes up. 

I’m still probably a 4 as far as hungry goes. And my energy isn’t fantastic, but improved. I’m trying to stay focused on not breaking the fast until tomorrow. Come on stubborn nature, now is the time! 


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