Fast – Day Three

Just a little more than 24 hours from my last post. Yesterday was tough. When I was home, not so much. But once I got to my parents’, where food was cooking, the counters were covered with sweet treats,many everyone was eating… THAT was tough. I drank a cup of broth, and at about three (2 hours later), I felt like I was going mad. I’d planned to eat at four, because originally dinner was going to be early. When I heard we weren’t eating until five, I knew I’d have to stick to my 4:00 time or go crazy. 

I broke my fast with half of a cinnamon roll and a cookie. Hahah! But then didn’t eat again until dinner. I had chicken, a baked potato and salad as planned. But I also had two pieces of garlic bread. I DIDN’T have dessert. I did have some of my homemade yogurt with some sugar free jam. Partly as “dessert” but mostly because I wanted to see how the batch turned out.

I was exhausted when I got home. I got in bed just after ten, probably fell asleep by 11:00 and slept until 9:30 this morning. 

Weighed in down another 2.8 pounds this morning (down 4.8 total). 

Today’s plan is to do some work around the house, maybe a little bit of yard work. I’m going to try to fast the entire dy, until lunch tomorrow, if I can make it that long. If I’m starving for breakfast tomorrow, I’ll eat breakfast.

The short term plan is once my weight loss stalls, I’ll eat for two or three days, and start again. I know right now my eight loss is water. But I feel like I’m getting ahead of myself even talking like that.

Right now my hunger is a zero. My energy is good. I actually had a moment where I thought I might workout. If that persists, I’ll consider leisurely walking. Chances are I’ll put enery into house and yard work instead. My brain is foggy, but I haven’t even been awake an hour, yet. I feel like today will be a breeze compared to yesterday. No food smells. No one eating in front of me. No anticipation of specific foods for a meal. 

Other than that, I’m loving NOT eating. Meal plan and prep is actually something I enjoy, but cleanup not so much. Giving up the former to give up the latter has been refreshing. It also means no trips to the grocery store. And the elimination of any guilt when I’m eating something I’m telling myself I shouldn’t (restaurant food, mostly). I felt a little but of guilt eating half of a cinnamon roll and a cookie yesterday, but the truth is, if we had had dinner at 4:00 as I thought we were, I probably would have skipped both of those.

Which leads me to saying that the emotional and logical part of my brain has a lot to do with my eating. When my brain thinks I’ll eat at a certain time, it doesn’t re-route very well. I’m not super-surprised by how seeing others eat something impacts me, because I hate food commercials or even people eating on a tv show or movie. 

Also, I read a little yesterday on fasting with insulin resistance and PCOS. I assume I have insulin resistance. My period is regular (my cycle is a little short: 25-27 days) so I assume I don’t have PCOS, but it has been suggested. I think I just have insulin resistance, which apparently can cause the stalled out weight loss. And apparently, from what I’ve read, if I understood it, your insulin levels stay high, and even if you eat LESS, you’re still eating, so the weight never comes off. Whereas a full fast can bring your insulin levels down and eventually back to normal. 

The only thing is, I’m unsure how long that takes, or what type of fasting increases your chances of it happening more expeditiously. I’ve been reading a lot of Jason Fung’s blog, and it sounds like it could be individual. He makes it sounds like what you can sustain. But also what feels right for you. But the longer the better, the longer you’ve been dealing with insulin resistance. I assume I have for forever…. I say that only because despite being a thin-ish weight in high school, I was always a little pudgy in the waist and thighs. And I grew up in the low carb craze of the 90s. I gained weight in college. And since then, I’ve struggled to keep it off. 

So I have a full 15+ years (at least) of insulin resistance behind me. And Dr. Fung has said you’ll lose a little bit of weight in   diet, then plateu, then evntually gain. That’s me! If I’m bored today, there’s a decent chance I’ll download his book – The Obesity Epidemic. But he’s been quoted saying all of  his information is on his blog, so I might also just delve I to that. Or I might sit around all day watching tv, doing some house work, and maybe getting into the yard. We’ll see! 


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  1. rubylane869
    Jul 31, 2016 @ 12:39:21

    I give you credit for fasting. I’m doing low carb & trying the intermittent eating along with that. I found out in June that I’m diabetic..have been insulin resistant for a long time & have the stomach roll to prove it.:( The doctor said that I may be able to reverse the diabetes by watching my carbs & exercising. She said I should consider weight loss surgery, but I don’t want to go there, so trying to do it on my own. I have A LOT of weight to lose. So just need to focus & stay motivated which is very hard for me. I just started reading your blog & enjoy it.


    • stumbletowardhealth
      Jul 31, 2016 @ 14:59:54

      I’m sorry to hear about your diabetes diagnosis. That’s too bad. But I have read it’s not uncommon at all to reverse, so good luck! Dr. Fung talks about diabetes reversal in his blog. I haven’t read much into it, but it sounds like insulin resistance leads to diabetes. If you’re interested, you can poke around his blog (, as he’s obviously a better expert!

      What does your fasting look like? Meaning how long do you fast? Are you seeing results? I tried 18:6 fasting for awhile (while doing low-ish carb paleo), and I felt consistently terrible, and didn’t lose weight. But it’s far too soon to see if I have any real weight loss with this, either. I do feel OK today, but we will see if it’s any different tomorrow at work! If I see weight loss, it will be the first thing in five years (and I feel like I’ve tried it ALL!). But I’m trying to be optimistic!

      Thanks for your comment and good luck!


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