Fast – Day Six – Update 2

I wanted to give a quick update before bed. I actually had a fairly good day. The hunger was strongest in the late afternoon when I was bored with work and ready to call it a day. But I actually cooked tonight for tomorrow with very minimal bites. 90% were for flavor tasting. A few were because it tasted so good, but if bet I was still under 100 calories, and every bite was low carb.

I’m setup well for lunch and dinner tomorrow. I’m excited to break the fast and eat. I spent a decent amount of time today thinking about what I’ll eat tomorrow. However, this time around, the thought was almost entirely on healthier choices than Monday’s obsession. I feel like that was great progress. But, again, Monday’s fast was at 48 hours, so maybe I need to try a longer fast again. 

All in all, a great day! I hope the scale keeps moving because I think I could get used to this! 


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