Fast – Day Fourteen

I haven’t checked in in awhile. No specific reason, other than I’ve settled into a routine. I’m doing more of a 16/8 fasting schedule now that I’m working out more. However, those fasts are getting easier, so I want to try to add in an occasional 24 hour fast. But I’m enjoying this phase. I’ve been spending my willpower working out fasted, which is where the 16/8 matches nicely.

Working out first thing is a huge struggle. So that’s where my focus has gone. I’ve read a lot about the benefit of working out fasted, then fasting for an hour or so after. I haven’t done that long enough, obviously. And workouts are harder first thing in the morning. I’m letting that change be my primary focus.

The other thing I’m doing is trying to NOT snack. And I feel a lot less desperate to eat when it is meal time. I feel like all of these are good signs. 

I also ordered a different set of jeans and pants. Meaning, not necessarily a smaller SIZE, but a brand at that size that used to be small. It’s like a half step down. But I’m happy about that. 

And best part is, all of this is sustainable. I’m not working out too often. I’m not starving. My mood is good. Brain is clear. My fatigue has been level. I still don’t feel “young again” but it’s not debilitating tired like times past when I’d try to add in workouts. And cravings are a fraction of the past! Overall, I’m giving myself an A+.


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