Power of Cravings

I’m a little more than five hours into day ten of my fast. I’ve hit what they call the “easy days” of the fast, and if you get here, usually you fast until “real hunger” returns. I agree. No hunger and the freedom from cooking and eating is awesome. The last three days I’ve had no hunger or cravings. But today, I’ve started making a list of foods I want, places I want to eat, etc. 

I know cravings are a big part of my eating. My guess they’re emotional. Some people say the anticipation and planning of travel is more satisfying than the trip itself. Food is probably similar for me. Cravings, and the mission to satisfy them, might be almost as satisfying as eating. More so when the food isn’t as great as it should be!

The sheer volume today tells me there’s an issue. I feel confident I can get past angry/frustrated/annoyed eating and bored eating. But these cravings? Man. I already have four lunch/dinner dates planned post-fast! Wait. Five. Absurd. 

It looks like dopamine causes cravings. Which I think is also tied to depression. Which makes sense…. I’ve felt a lot better these ten days on this fast, and in the attempt to do a good fast, stopped taking all of the anxiety and depression-related supplements. 

Other than that, I know exercise increases dopamine. And I’ll continue to research and refine because it’s definitely an issue for me I would like to overcome. 


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  1. Dan Westford
    Sep 22, 2016 @ 11:53:37

    One book that helped me was “Fasting and Eating for Health” by Joel Fuhrman.


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