Thirst and Caffeine

I’m on my fourth post-fast day, and feel pretty good. Struggling to get active again and workout, but I did an easier workout yesterday, and am doing weights today. Once I get going, working out is usually easy for me to sustain.

I lost 20 pounds on the dot on the fast. I was into my twelfth day when I decided to throw in the towel. I have gained five back. It’s easy to focus on the regain. But I keep telling myself, “You’re still down fifteen, and maybe after you settle into low carb, you’ll get some of those five back.” (Hopefully plus more.) 

But I’m not here to talk about weight. I know that’s what people want to hear, so I said it. But I wanted to talk about thirst and caffeine. Strange topics, but I think worthy.

First, thirst. The last few days of my fast, my mouth felt constantly dry. And I felt blah and my urine was always darker. I thought this was the reason for my nausea. But now I don’t think it is. As I’ve started to eat again, I know my electrolytes are shifting. I’ve had some really low (top number) blood pressure numbers, and with that, a slight amount of dizziness after standing. That’s all adjusted now. I’ll talk more about blood pressure in a minute. What I really want to talk about is thirst.

I wasn’t terribly thirst on Friday, or even most of the day Saturday. But Saturday evening I was so thirsty. And despite drinking more than enough water, far more than I ever did, and eating water-filled veggies, my urine was darker than it usually is with that kind of consumption.

This morning I rationalized it, along with my weight gain, as my glycogen stores refilling with water. I’m not as thirsty today, but my urine is still darker (no dehydration dark, just not light), so my goal is to get to a better place with that before working out. 

Now, blood pressure, which isn’t the second topic, but worth discussing. Pre-fast, my blood pressure was in the high 120s to high 130s over mid 80s to low 90s. I never really got my low number below 80, even while fasting when the top number plummeted. I was disappointed in that. Yesterday’s reading was 102/80. Today’s was 116/82. So creeping right up to the top of the normal range quickly on the top number. And already over on the bottom. I’m hopeful exercise will help stabilize both. I know I want to improve endurance with some cardio, and that will definitely help. I also plan to lift weights, which I know is good for the heart. So hopefully, along with hopefully more weight loss, I can get in at least a lower range of “slightly high” rather than “probably need blood pressure medicine soon” range. I am hopeful my my second weird post-fast change will complement improving that issue: caffeine.

I’ve drank caffeine every day for years. I feel like I need it to wake up. And unless I’m sick, I always have it. However, the last few days of the fast when I felt so sick, I actually said, “I think I’ve had too much caffeine this week, and not enough water.” That’s the day I broke the fast. The next morning, I felt a lot better, but the thought of caffeine made me feel sick, so I didn’t have any. I didn’t even get a caffeine headache. 

I haven’t had caffeine for almost three days, and I feel like I’m free from a vice I never want back! I do think not being caffeinated is making me less motivated to workout, but I think I can get over that hurdle. 

So, that’s it! Goal is one workout today that takes my breath away (might not take much) and makes me sweat. I want to get in that groove quickly and regain lost muscle. I also want to eat lower carb this week. I’m not sure about adding fasting in, yet. If I do, it will be skipping breakfast. Even if I don’t, I’d love to get some pre-breakfast workouts in as well! Overall, so far, I’m glad I did the fast. As long as weight gain plateus soon, I’ll have a net loss. And kicked caffeine (for now, it’ll just take one night of bad sleep for me to want it again, I know – they trick then is to not go back to daily just because). 


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