Post-Fast – Retained Results, New Exercise and Diet

I lost a solid six to eight pounds after my fast. I was very pleased with that. It was tough at first thinking of it like I gained back twelve to fourteen pounds, but those pounds weren’t ever mine to have lost. Overall, the fast was hard, but I’m glad I did it. If I did it again, I’d probably do a bunch of shorter timeframe, more frequent fasts than another 1-2 week one. Maybe 1-3 day fasts.

Right now I’m mostly just doing intermittent fasting where I skip breakfast a few days a week, and I try to be honest with myself with dinner – if I’m not hungry, don’t eat. I’m trying to eat less bread and pasta as a general approach, and more salads with lots of fats, moderate protein, and carbs only coming from the veggies. But I am also occasionally having pizza. Or Mexican food. Or any other food I REALLY want. But I’m trying to have a realistic, healthy approach, and not watching diet a lot more than that. So far weight’s holding steady, and I’m pleased with that.

I had been doing a few workout videos a week and some heavy deadlifts. I am a big fan of Metabolic Effect. I’ve bought a few programs in the past, read most of Jade’s articles, and used one of his techniques in my battle against adrenal fatigue. It’s still one I use today. I monitor my heart rate during a workout, and if it doesn’t return to normal within a few minutes of resting, I call it a day for workouts. He seems to have several approaches you can employ, and I do believe there are many ways to healthy, but I decided to give his Metabolic Prime workout a shot.

Essentially, it’s a set of four phases. You spend 3 weeks in each phase. It’s high intensity interval training, similar to tabata-style workouts, where you do work for X amount of time. But your rests in these workouts are at your decision. You can rest in the middle of a session as many times as you need to (with Tabata, your rests are predetermined). Work as hard as you can with good form. Rest when you need to until you can workout again. This isn’t a new approach for Jade, and I’ve used the technique in my own workouts (I was doing barbell training and using my rowing machine).

So far, I REALLY like the workouts. Here are my favorite parts (I’m on my second week of phase 1, but have taken a quick peek at some of the other phases):

  1. The moves in the workouts are really simple, basic moves. If you’ve done any weight training, the approach will be simple, and you’ll have an idea of where to start. Even if you’ve never done weight training, you will probably learn quickly with a stint of body weight training. Overall, the simplicity is my favorite part.
  2. You can modify any of these moves to fit your fitness level. I was actually really surprised at how quickly I ramped up weights for the lifting pieces. But I do modify some of the more cardio-intense pieces or I go downhill quickly. For example, I struggled with mountain climbers and pushups on the floor. But found I did really well and got a GREAT workout doing the mountain climbers with my hands on my bench, and pushups from a dresser (more intense than wall pushups, but far less than on the floor – I can “progress” by moving to my bench, then to my step).
  3. So far, I haven’t had the energy post-workout to do a burnout session, but I love I can tack that on if I get to a second twelve weeks. Or in future weeks as I improve my cardio endurance.
  4. I LOVE that there are essentially only five moves for each workout. Once you have the moves down, put your head down, do your best, and it’s over before you know it. I’ve done fifteen minute workouts before that I hated more than a 45-60 minute workout. These, so far, are not like that.
  5. I already have plans to move some of these moves to my squat rack! (Specifically the squats, but I could see working in bench press on chest presses, or even doing a burnout with deadlifts – if you’re creative, the options really could be endless.)
  6. I love Jade’s energy, and not only his encouragement to push while you’re working, but to rest. In other workouts, I felt like a failure resting, so I’d pace myself more, use lighter weight, etc. With this workout, I pickup the biggest weights I can do for more than a few reps with good form, and go for it! I don’t feel bad modifying things I struggle with because I feel so strong on other moves. He keeps saying that rest and recovery go together, and once you realize you’re pushing harder and lifting heavier, you realize that’s true!
  7. I was legitimately surprised at the support material included with the package. I paid extra to have the DVDs shipped to me so I can workout even if my internet’s down, even though I haven’t used the DVDs, yet. There’s support material online (which you get regardless of the package you purchase), but the DVDs came with a nice printed manual.

The things I am not doing:

  1. I’m NOT doing his nutrition program. I haven’t even looked at it. I’m on a quest to find a diet that works for me for the long-term.
  2. Like I said, I haven’t done a burnout, yet.

My only concern is while I really do push, sweat like crazy, have weak legs and arms post-workout, I have yet to be really sore. Usually I’ll wake up the day after and feel slightly stiff, but I haven’t been unable to move. I’m hopeful this isn’t a bad sign.

I’m also waiting for more information on the coaching sessions you’re supposed to get with the set. We’re supposed to watch our inboxes for that. I’m interested to see how that goes, becuase several people have said they saw huge progress with those sessions. As long as it’s not pushing me to adhere to an unrealistic diet, I’m on board for getting into those, as well! There’s also a Facebook support group, which I’ve found to be OK, but not overwhelming. There don’t seem to be any experts in the group. Just a bunch of people at various points in the program talking amongst each other. I don’t really feel the need for support, personally, but there are a lot of questions about modifications.

My single letdown:

The program was sold as a one size fits all, marketed to older individuals. This ties into the statement above. For those who think there’s a single way to do things, mofications can be intimidating. For those with legitimate injuries, who are sedentary, etc., I can see why this program might not fit. Yes, you can make it fit, if you know how. But I’ve only heard one or two, “If this doesn’t work, try this” DURING the workout, and havne’t seen a clearly published, “Here’s how you can start if you can’t do this.” Knee and back injuries are not uncommon, how can you deal with those? Tell people to do shallow split squats or squats and build up, for example. Or if that causes pain, but you aren’t injured, here’s what you should do. Or if you are injured, here’s what you should do. And for people who haven’t worked out for years, or have never done this kind of training, give a little encouragement for where to start.

I have a good base of strength, years of lifting experience, and an OK endurance (I can run a mile, slowly – and I’ve been doing 30-45 minute workouts leading up to this). I feel like I’d sit on the more advanced of the middle side of the spectrum (certainly not advanced since I’m not doing burnouts, yet). But if I were a genuine beginner, I might feel like I got taken. That said, I believe there’s a full money back guarantee within 90 days.

It’s fair to say that complaint does not apply to me. Just more of an observation.

I also think it would help narrow to their target demographic if they had given even just a 2-3 minute preview of how the workouts work.

So far, like I said, I love it. I’m going to keep doing it and see no reason I won’t make it through the first twelve weeks without much of a problem (barring an injury!).  I already have some ideas (using my squat rack, for example – maybe one workout for squats, one using my barbell for bent over rows, another time to do deadlifts for back and hamstrings instead of a different move, etc.) to make the program an even bigger strength builder. I’m not a huge “This has to be followed specifically” person. I’d rather add some variety and make it fit me and things I love than do a strict, perfect program. The framework is there. I’ll make it fit me!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jennewby71
    Oct 11, 2016 @ 17:46:26

    I got that program too! I love it as well. I only got 2 weeks into phase 2 and then I got sick or went on vacation or something that ALWAYS sidetracks me after a month or so. I didn’t do the diet. I already know I can’t do elimination style diets. I’ve done them, I have zero reactions to any foods I’ve re-intorduced and I felt no different while on them other than miserable. I couldn’t get over how pooped I was after just 15 minutes of working out and I would be SOAKING wet with sweat! The only other workout that got me like that was the Amy Dixon’s Breathless Body dvd but those are Tabata and an hour long! I have just been thinking this week that I need to get back into the Metabolic Prime workouts bc I totally felt it. I was sore the next day but not miserable. I just gave up too quick. (like I do with everything!). Maybe i’ll start those back up next week. I started running again today after taking a week off. Ran 3 miles at a 13 min. mile which is great for me! I started a 1/2 marathon training. Even though I’m not going to run a 1/2. I just like the cues to run 2 min. walk 3 min. etc. Anyway. Good luck with the Metabolic Prime workouts! Keep us posted!


    • stumbletowardhealth
      Oct 12, 2016 @ 10:03:09

      I’ve done hour long tabata. Omg. No. Thanks. Never again! That’s way too much.

      So 2nd week into the second phase. That’s five weeks. Practically halfway through! If you start up again, I’d love to hear your progress!

      Three miles at a 13 minute pace is awesome!! I can’t imagine doing a half. But when you put it in those run-walk breakdowns, it doesn’t sound SO bad. I enjoy running about 1 1/2-2 miles occasionally. But that’s about it. :)

      I’ll keep posting about Metabolic Prime. I hope I keep loving it!


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