28 Days Low-Carb/Keto

iLast time I did low-carb, I also crossed the 28 day mark. And I was doing OK, but wasn’t feeling confident in the path. I believe by this point, I’d gained back the few pounds of water weight I dropped in the first week (never lost additional weight), and I was hungry, tired, and stressed.

The only difference this time? Well, first, I’ve been doing several runs at fasting in the meantime. Short intermittent daily fasts, not eating from dinner until lunch the next day. 24-48 hour mini-fasts. And one longer (I believe 12 days) fast. I think these fasts helped shift me and my food mindset, and as a whole, helped me drop about 10-12 pounds. First weight I’ve lost in 5+ years. But, man, what a grind. Going on and off of fasts is tough (except dinner to lunch wasn’t too bad for me). You’re always in the pain of starting a fast. But longer fasts caused my hair to thin. The science behind fasting is to help fix insulin issues. So once I’d done this fasting show for about six months, I was ready to do low carb again. 

This time, without exercise, the other thing different from my first attempt.

I’d noticed others eating low carb weren’t exercising and were seeing good results. After some research, many recommend doing little to no exercise until you’re “fat adapted” which, on average, takes 1-4 months. At that point, start weight lifting. 

And I think going into this NOT exercising made me more diligent on the food. I planned well. I had time to pay attention to how I felt. I could go to bed earlier. And, I had more time for housework, which has made the entire journey so satisfying. I’ve never been more organized! 

My focus at work has also been excellent, and I’m very productive, while feeling positive and relaxed. My anxiety has taken a huge dip, which is so fantastic. 

I did have one day of total meltdown, and with the help of Gary Taubes and some self-reflecting I’ve also been better at, didn’t give up. My weight loss is slow for low-carb, but average for weight loss with other diets. And hearing some of Gary’s research has really set the course for me. Specifically, this YouTube video:

He talks about the time it takes for your insulin to heal and when it does, and it will, you’ll start to drop fat. You can eat more and still lose, and because you’re not eating carbs, you’re more satisfied. 

I had some urges to exercise this weekend, but instead got a huge chunk of yard work done on an unexpectedly warm day. I also drank alcohol Saturday, and on a normal Sunday, would have ben horribly hungover. But surprisingly wasn’t. I did the yard work, and some other housework, and came out feeling satisfied with my weekend! How strange.

So where am I weight loss wise? Well, I lost about 2 1/2-3 lbs quickly, which was water weight. I’m sitting right at 5 lbs down, total. Maybe closer to six on a great day, but I’m definitely down 5. So, 2-2 1/2 pounds the first month. I’ll take it! And I’ll stop comparing myself to others. And even in the low-carb/keto world, people can’t let go some of the unhealthy diet approaches – eat less than 1200 calories, chug water to feel full, exercise more to make a deficit. I’m not following the leads of those people. 

I will continue to eat less carbs (less than 20g net per day), I won’t get caught up in protein, fat, or specific types of foods until I stall for more than a month, I will add in strength training when I have consistent hugh energy, I will keep prioritizing sleep, I will keep planning a varied menu, I will keep foods as simple as possible, and I will be pleased with ANY loss, no matter how slow. I WILL NOT become a braggy, snobby weight loss person. I will remember how hard it was to find a place where I lose, and if it works, keep it up! 


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