Keto – 35 days, 7 pounds, 1 modified workout

Thirty-five days into keto, and it’s been waaaaaaaaay easier than I expected. I’ve “cheated” three times in five weeks. All were planned. All were social events with food. I have two cheats planned over the next four weeks. I know most people go low-carb and are either all in for life, or in and out and don’t really like it. I actually like it, but want a bit of freedom for specific restaurants, when I go to dinner parties, and because I love trying new foods, and enjoying old favorites. I want to eat for health, but I’ll always get pleasure out of it. 

If I remember accurately, I lost about 2 1/2 pounds the first two or three days, water weight. Then yo-yoed, and got up to about five not too long after my period, which I think was in week three. I stayed at five for two weeks. Even hit upticks. Had one random day I was at -6.2, but popped right back up to closer to 4. The first time I did keto, this is what happened. I got stuck right before five, then started creeping back to zero.

This week, I hit -6.4. Then the next day -7. And today, still -7. I feel like this is working for me! I’m losing less than 1/2 pound per week, but it’s a loss!

And today I did my first workout. I used the Metabolic a Effect adrenal fatigue improvement approach to working out as hard as you can for up to 1 minute, then rest until your heart rate comes back to resting. Then go again, for  no longer than 20 minutes, I only got in six intervals. The theory is after so long, you won’t be able to recover. And the last 5+ minutes of the workout were waiting to recover. So six intervals in fifteen minutes isn’t too bad. Plus, I feel muscle fatigue already! And am hopeful I won’t be dead tired tomorrow. 

Other than that, I actually love the diet. I’ve enjoyed eating avocados almost every single day. I’ve eaten hot wings, and put lots of butter on broccoli and cauliflower. I’ve been eating nuts and seeds for minerals. Lots of things feel like treats. I don’t let myself get terribly hungry. And I’m drinking tons of water. 

Overall, my energy seems to come in waves. I’d say more good than bad, and I think the ratio is increasing. My mental focus is great. My anxiety has drastically decreased (but not eliminated), and the bit of mild depression I sometimes feel has been mostly gone. I’m still waiting for an exciting clothes size jump. But I’ve been really good with house work. Although, it feels like today hasn’t been a great example. Isn’t that the way? 

Anyway, right now I love it and it seems to be working (albeit slowly) for me. I’ll keep updating. Hopefully great things continue to happen! 


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