Keto – Day 47 – Zero Appetite – Sick or Fat Adapted? 

Today is actually the end of day 48, but I’m just now getting around to writing this, and keep delaying because I keep telling myself I’m about to have a stomach bug. Truth is, if a stomach bug is coming on, I usually don’t have a ton of warning, and eating things like cream-based dressings, avocados, cabbage, nuts and seeds, and other heavy, fatty or fiber-full things isn’t usually received well. 

That said, a stomach bug is moving through the office and only time will tell how I feel tomorrow, in three days, next week. This might all be a fluke. But, if it’s not, this is fantastic, and I can tell how people lose weight! 

Thursday I woke up and wasn’t hungry for breakfast. Had my coke zero with vanilla (not paid to say that, just a groupie), and felt fine. I did have a moment where I felt light headed and another where I felt a little gassy. But neither of those things is terribly weird. I was exhausted because I have slept less well this week, and Thursday is my early morning. Come lunch, I still had no appetite so I skipped lunch. On the way home from work I was hungry. So I had a salad with avocados, pumpkin seeds, a little lettuce, cheese, broccoli, pickles and homemade ranch. No, I’m not pregnant. :) This is apparently how I eat now. Felt fine, slept great. Woke up Friday, same thing, minus the light headedness (that, honestly I think came from being tired Thursday). No breakfast. Handful of pumpkin seeds for lunch, a quest bar for a snack (that honestly, I could have skipped) and another similar salad for dinner. 

My stomach rumbles a fair amount, but that’s par for the course eating low carb for me.

I was down 8 pounds total this morning. 

And if I eat one meal and one snack a day, weight should start coming off fast. I’m trying not to get excited in case it is a short lived bug. But I am close to starting week 8, and weeks 8-12 are generally fat adaptation zone.  No one said appetite would drop like this, but it’s been fantastic.

In related news, I think I hate most keto people. They’re such pretentious know it all snobs. Yes, I know, not all. But it’s hard to find good people. I’ve joined and left like six facebook groups. And realized I’m probably better going this alone, anyway. I don’t lose like the average low carber, and I’m looking for a sustainable way of eating, not shoving down fat I don’t want, starving myself to lower calories, working out ten hours a week, etc. I also don’t want to track macros super close the rest of my life. There’s not just a laid back group of people who are like, hey, let’s be cool and supportive. It’s such a contest. 

Right now, looking forward to week eight. And maybe getting to that elusive ten pound mark! And determining whether this appetite change is here to stay…. 


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