Keto Day 57 – Down 9.4 Pounds – Observations

I’ve made it two months and I’m NOT gaining weight back! A superior success considering my last attempt at this. I even did some quick waist measurements on Friday, and I’m down! (Most are 1/2-3/4″). 

The good, the bad, the challenging:

  • Good: It has been far easier this time. I think because I cut out exercise. I think exercise was making me crave, and probably screwing with cortisol.
  • Good: I have found I like what I eat and even have switched to “lazy keto.” That doesn’t mean you eat more carbs, it means you don’t track strictly. I think once I switched to lazy, I was actually eating LESS. I’m still not losing at a lightning fast speed or anything, but it’s effortless now!
  • Bad: I actually am not sure if keto is to blame for this or my iron supplements, but I’m more constipated than ever. I was in a pretty good place pre-keto, going once a day. Now I probably go 3-4 days a week. 
  • Bad: I am not sure what I think about fake sweeteners. I feel like in the future many of these (except, ironically, aspartame, which has had tons of research) will be “what the hell were we thinking?” products. 
  • Challenging: The biggest challenge had been figuring out when I can workout again. I do miss it, and feel more stiff since I haven’t been. I’ve still been doing yard work and housework that keeps me moving. And I think I’ve done about three weight training workouts since the start of the year. But that’s it. I did a “regular” 20 minute workout today, and I’m going to keep to 20 minutes a few times a week. If that works, I’ll increase length or frequency. If 20 minutes 1-3 times a week is too much, I’ll back way off. 

My goal, far more than weight loss, is size loss. I’ve decided I’d love to be a size 12. And I’ll be pretty dang happy there. 

I’ve also found that I might have a specific food that challenges me (mostly pizza and fresh baked bread products) , but when I cheat, I often find the cheat foods disappointing. Sweet foods (even with fake sweeteners still in my life) feel really over-sweet, and I don’t miss those at all. But there are times I’d quit the whole thing to have a large pizza. I think I might plan a pizza cheat meal in the near future just to see how it tastes versus how it’s made up in my mind. 

Other than that, this has been easy! I do wish I were losing faster,but am happy to be losing at all! 


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