Keto Day 70 – Down 10 pounds

I actually crossed the 10 pound mark on day 62. But for some reason didn’t document it. Work has been really busy, so my eating, while keto, has been more quick grabs of bunkers burgers, hot wings and Mexican burrito bowls (sans rice and beans). I’m still only working out 1-2 days a week at about 20-30 minutes. And my sleep is mediocre at best.

So, all of that to say I can certainly do better than I am, but I’m also definitely full on keto atill, and it’s become pretty easy. 

I’m getting used to people judging the diet and it doesn’t bother me at all. I’m getting past the occasional urge to rage-quit when the scale hasn’t moved. And I’m even mostly to the point General foods don’t tempt me. In fact, when I do have a planned carb meal (about once every two weeks), I eat far less than I have in the past, and feel pretty good after. 

So, what’s next? My goals are actually more clothes sizes than pounds. Right now I’m in a size 15/16. Some are getting loose, others are on the slightly tight side. So my next goal is to start fitting into some 14s.

I also want tog eat some better sleep habits in place. And would love to get an AM workout in once I adapt to the time change. I really enjoy the shorter workouts, and feel hopeful they might be a good pre-work fit. Usually when I workout, I feel so much better overall. And I think that would help even out my sleeping patterns. 

Anyway, that’s all! 10lb Mark. Solidly in the next lower size. Slow progress with working out, but progress! I’m happy! 


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