Maintaining Weight Loss – The Last Stance

I first gained weight in college. I always correlate the gain with a breakup and comfort eating. But, the truth is, I may have gained the weight regardless. Was I eating healthy before? Not really. I’d eat a Poptart late morning at work so I could make it through my early afternoon classes. I’d grab a McDonald’s breadkafst sandwich and Coke on the way to work sometimes, and would grab convenience foods between classes for lunch. I’d probably gained about ten pounds my freshman year, just from more access to junk. 

I grew up in a small town. We had one local pizza place, and the next town over also had pizza. Otherwise,e I mostly ate at home. In high school, id eat a little dry cereal or a Poptart for breakfast. Usually a piece of fruit or a simple cheese sandwich on white bread for lunch, some candy in the afternoon, usually with a Pepsi, and whatever my mom made for dinner (it was a low fat high carb world) with some sort of simple snack. Not nutrient dense at all, but probably relatively low calorie. 

It’s possible no matter what happened, my diet choices would have led to weight gain.

In college, I had more access to excess. More freedom to drink more alcohol (I did drink in high school, but not as often). I was in the city, so access to fast food all the time, which felt like a treat. Vending machine food at work, with no one caring how often I had sweets or salty snacks. Plus, generally sitting around at work or in class. 

I’m not even sure that whatever I did, I wasn’t destined for weight gain. 

It seems no mater what some people do, they gain. They adhere to a strict diet, it works for a time, then stops. 

I’m in a keto “support group” where Jimmy Moore was brought up. I didn’t realize he had gained around half of the weight he’s lost back. And there was a brief discussion, then a mod stopped the discussion because that’s what mods in these groups do. It’s like there are boundaries around what’s right and wrong, they think they know everything, and that’s the end of the story. Once they’ve said their part, even if it’s biased, they shut down the conversation. Even if people are civil. If people start saying, “OMG, what if keto doesn’t work?” Or, “what if, like every other diet I’ve done, it works for some initial success, then stops?” “What if, despite my allegiance and diligence, I eventually gain back?”

I think the mods shut this stuff down because they want to believe keto is the holy grail. They want to believe anyone who gains is lying, and misrepresenting what they’re doing. But, I don’t believe that’s true. Here’s what I believe:

  1. Many overweight and obese people eat better than many thin people. Less calories and processed “junk food.” Thin people assume overweight/obese people are lying. 
  2. Your body changes when you diet. And I don’t mean just weight loss, I mean shit inside changes. And this is why an absurdly large percent of people gain weight back. The diet they’re doing stops being effective, so they gain. And over time, sure, they become frustrated and done adhere anymore. But adhering wasn’t working, either.
  3. Gastric bypass seems to be one of the few sustainable ways to lose. But you have to be fairly overweight to qualify, the weight comes off quickly, and you’re prone to malnutrition. Is it a simple super-restricted diet creating their success? And if so, why doesn’t this stand up in non gastric patients? 
  4. I know people who are semi-successful with a smaller amount of weight loss who lose, adjust their diet, gain a little, adjust diet again, lose, adjust again, gain. But stay in a ten pound window. This also seems to be a maybe semi-successful approach. And the one I’m considering adopting since bypass isn’t on my radar. 

What else do you see that’s frustrating about the religion of dieting? Or “lifestyle changes,” if that’s what you prefer calling it. I hate the lifestyle and diet industry so much. And the narrative controlled by a few, when so many are struggling, but their voices are muted out. I want to discuss real, long term solutions. Not the voice of a few know it all, who are closed off to anything but their preconceived notions and confirmation biases. 


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