Craving the Outdoors

I’m not sure if it’s the unseasonably cool sorting weather, the rain, or something else, but I’ve been craving the outdoors. 

I spent the majority of last weekend outside, working in my yard. I’m in a relatively new to me house, and last spring was spent tending to la fancy things in and out of the house. But with pay houses I was never this excited about being outdoors. I do have a better, more private setting than in previous houses, do that might be all it takes. Many neighbors spend weeknight evenings and weekends outside. But without using each other as an excuse to talk or procrastinate. In fact, usually the neighbors only interrupt you to help. Maybe offering some if their overflowing perennials. Or some gardening supplies they no longer need. 

I’m not much of a gardener. I don’t really have the creative eye for it. But I’m trying to learn. I’m trying to choose lower maintenance and naive options. And I’m trying to make big, sweeping changes while also staying in the details. 

I actually want to re-paint my whole house. And have decided I’m just going to work on little by little until it’s done. Maybe this sitting. More likely this fall or even next spring.

Being out of adv HOA has done wonders for improving my stress level. These neighbors are encouraging and supportive. Not competitive and judgmental. Houses range from “master gardener” to “minimally maintained.” I’m definitely on the minimally maintained side of the scale. I want to always be low maintenance. But could definitely do some work for it to look better while being barely maintained. 

Anyway, I’ve really enjoyed my time outside. And feel like my stress level is a fraction of a year ago. I have been able to work outside for hours without a break. And my energy has stayed steady. 

Overall, I’m so happy it’s spring. And hope summer is very patient in arriving. 


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