Fat Logic

There’s a group on Reddit I stumbled upon, mostly by accident. But I try to see all sides of things, and clicked in there this week. Some of the things they post is just adv excuse to make fun of fat people. They make fun of then accepting their bodies. They make fun of fat people making excuses or looking for more information about why weight loss it’s harder for them than dine people. They make fun of many approaches to dieting, even if the person doing it had switched up hire they eat for good. 

Some of the stuff, I suppose I agree with. Manning that I duo think eating too many calories leads to weight gain. Or that many period make a simple thing complicated, then fail. But they also try to way over simplify. And I’ll admit, I used to be one of those people. I used to think weight loss was easy. And didn’t understand why people didn’t just eat less and move more (specifically, lifting weights and any type of cardio you like). 

That was then. 

To clarify, I do still think excess calories make you gain. And I still think everyone should lift weights and get in some sort of endurance to strengthen your heart. I don’t have a set idea on how to lift – I just think muscle mass and strength training is good for you. I also think the cardio can be as simple as walking. Or you can run. Or you can do HIIT. Or power yoga. It should challenge your heart.And doesn’t have to be for hours at a time. That’s just what I think. It can easily be disputed.

But I no longer think weight loss is simple. And the assholes who simplify it are assholes. They say, “Just stop eating. Hormones have nothing to do with it. Insulin doesn’t matter.” Or whatever they say. They only see their experience in front of them. 

When you see people start to ask why it’s easy for some people and harder for others, their only answer is too fast, or eat less and you’ll be less hungry, or exercise more, or eat less than you’re eating now. Great, thanks for that. The person was asking WHY. Why do some people lose weight without hunger? Why do some lose at a much higher caloric intake? Why do many people lose weight, then have a list metabolism than someone who hasn’t lost? 

There is nuance to this. Hormones, or something beyond simple sheer willpower is involved here. It is a lot harder fit dine people. All fat.people aren’t gluttons. They aren’t all lazy and excuse making. What works for you doesn’t work for everyone. And for some people, despite diligence, the weight doesn’t budge. And trust me, most overweight people would love to be a lower weight. And if it were that simple, most people would be a lower weight. 

All I’ve wanted since I gained weight is to be a lower weight. I’ve tried so many things. And after awhile, I get exhausted and quit until I have a new plan. Then I start over. The doctor offers diet pills. Or suggests I weigh food (I do). 

I don’t need your over simplified platitudes. If you can’t explain why it’s different for everyone. So being an asshole about people being different. 


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