My People

I’ve really been struggling to find people to share my diet and weight loss struggles, successes and overall journey with. I’ve found the groups I stumble in are one or more of the following:

  1. Super-strict and cult worthy
  2. Judgy
  3. Not
  4. No gray area
  5. Group thinkers
  6. Cliche
  7. Inflexible

The problem probably us that I think a group exists that I’ll like. Back when I first lost weight, I was doing The Firm. I list some weight, then stumbled upon a message board. Weren’t those the days? Message boards and mostly slower internet. People would hop on occasionally. But no one was on all the time. Commenters were supportive, shared what worked for them, but also wanted to hear what others were doing or offered (non-cliche) advice when people were stuck. 

Now we have access to more information than ever, with fast search and find. But diets seem to be sort black and white. Even groups that claim to be flexible or open to the path are full of judgy mean people who instead of judging those in the group judge everyone around them.

And in almost every single group I’m in, if the diet, er “way of life” isn’t working, you’re lying about your adherence. Or the responses will deflect the real question. 

I’m trying to get out of these groups and blaze my own path. I’m trying even lower carb for a few weeks. I really want to find what works for me. And listening to others isn’t going to help me. Especially if the group is filled with negativity, judgement, black and white, super strict or faux flexible.

I know how I feel. I need to journal it. It’s the oath to what works that creates success. Not perfect adherence to something that isn’t working or can’t be sustained. 

For now, I am “my people.” 


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