The Addiction to the Process

I was watching an older Intervention episode last night where the addict said she also finds she’s addicted to the process of getting high: acquiring the drugs, preparing them, tying up her arm, shooting up, etc., and I felt like that was really observant and self-aware. And I started to wonder what processes I’m addicted to. I have found there’s a process for me to get ready to workout. Some days I can jump right in. Others, I have to research my videos, select just the right one, find the right clothes, etc.

Now I’m NOT comparing exercise to the true addiction of heroin. But I do think part of what I love is getting everything setup. The anticipation of the workout is exciting, too. I spent a few hours today poring through workout attire, and bought some new tops, bottoms, sports bras and even heavy cover ups if I ever get back into running or walk during these colder months. Sometimes not having everything just so stops me from starting that workout, or even simply going for a walk. This way, clothes are always there.

I’ve also tried to spend some time sorting my workout DVDs so I know what kinds they are, length, and even will start rating them. As I posted yesterday, I wrote a workout rotation to hopefully cut down on so,e of the exercise choice issues I’ve had. Now some additional workout clothes and sorted out dressers will stop me from hunting for the right clothes, or not working out because I haven’t done laundry. I did the same thing with additional socks last year. Just having more socks increased the frequency of my walks.

I’ve also found there’s something exciting about reading about or discussing workouts with others that gets and keeps me motivated. In the early 2000s, when I was most motivated working out, I was on a very active workout board. Now with Facebook, it’s much harder to be anonymous, and I miss the ability to be more open, so I connect less. But that full circle is part of what makes working out fun for me. When I talk to other friends about the workouts I love (mostly The Firm and a few Cathe), my IRL friends recommend workouts at the Y or other video workouts that are more trendy.

But I’ve found simply talking a little here, even into a void, is very motivating for me. It’s part of the process, and the process can me as much fun as the high of doing.


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