Intuitive Eating: A Day in the Life

I ate intuitively today. And I know today is just one of many days. There will probably be days I try to eat intuitively that won’t feel as powerful and positive. But today was a good day.

I think it’s helped I’m eating different stuff this week. By that, I mean, interesting new recipes I really like. Tzaziki and hummus are making my world go around. So are pickles. Likewise, I had gyoza for dinner last night and again as part of my lunch today. Tonight I added some falafel to my tzaziki and hummus love fest.

Note: I’m fighting the urge to tell you which of these foods are homemade and which aren’t, and explaining them. But you know what? The food was all delicious. It doesn’t matter!

I ate until I was satisfied, enjoying bites as I had them, even feeling aware of when fullness was arriving. At both lunch and dinner, I had some urges to keep eating because I was enjoying the food so much. But then I realized more food will be there tomorrow and in the future. I don’t need to eat it ALL today.

Nothing is a scandalous “cheat meal” or “cheat day” that I need to finish up. And maybe tomorrow the leftovers will sound good. Or maybe they won’t. Hell, it’s possible the friend falafel won’t even TASTE good tomorrow because reheating fried foods is always a crapshoot. If the leftovers aren’t good, I’ll know to only make what I want that day. Or if they ARE good, I’ll know that I can make extra and enjoy them as leftovers.

Right now I’m trying to treat everything as an experiment. Be aware like I’ve never been before. Enjoy smells, tastes, textures, temperatures of food. For example, the tzaziki had a fantastic crunchy texture. Not like fried panko, but almost harder like cornmeal on the outside, and warm on the inside. Mixed with tzaziki and hummus was a bit of heaven.

The gyoza, likewise, had some chewy textures on the steamed side of the gyoza wrapper, but nice and crispy on the bottom, with a center that had enough chew to not be mushy, and a lot of flavor from the various ingredients. The spicy salty gyoza sauce was a nice flavor enhancement, and a perfect compliment to the gyoza.

Trying to really be in the moment and appreciate the food I’m eating isn’t always something I do. Maybe if I go to a new restaurant or when I’m on vacation or enjoying food with just the right person I’ll pause and appreciate the first few bites. But this was celebrating food like I don’t normally do.

I also appreciate making and trying new foods is a bit of a risk. And this time the risk paid off. But other times it hasn’t. So while I feel very positive that things worked out, I want to feel as positive to have tried something new even if it doesn’t work out.

I’ve also felt really encouraged I’ve been able to really naturally see where “full” is. I can sense it even before I feel full. The biggest accomplishment was stopping eating even when a delicious food is in front of me, so that’s also a huge step.

So today, intuitive eating was good. And I feel hopeful.


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