Intuitive Eating when Intuition is MIA

I’m on week 2 (plus a few days) of intuitive eating. The first week was fantastic. I felt very tuned in and enjoyed the process. I felt like I remained aware before, during and after eating. Something on Saturday flipped off and now I can’t get back in touch. And I have no idea what to do. Maybe part of intuitive eating is not having intuition every time you eat? Or maybe there’s a trick to tuning back in? I can’t quite figure out what to do next. And maybe not knowing is part of the learning.

I, unfortunately, stepped on the scale this morning (after about five days of feeling out of touch) and the number wasn’t good. I hope it was at least somewhat sodium and water weight. But having an injury, which is limiting lifting isn’t helping. Plus, having a busier week where walking has been a challenge is making me feel out of control.

But I’m trying to embrace the out of control, rather than turning away or drowning out the feeling with food.

I think the first step will be to reread my intuitive chapter. And re-state my goals. I also am feeling a bit drawn to meditating, so I wonder if I can find intuitive eating meditations (that are short and easy to squeeze into a day). I also am feeling the urge to count calories and restrict, but I AM resisting that urge.

I wanted to post as I often only post when things are going well. And this time they aren’t. This time I’m struggling with no good plan, and even losing ground. But I figure it’s happening whether I write about it or not. So may as well get right with the feelings, accept them, and set a next step, even if it’s not the right one.


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