The Newcastle Diet – Day Three

Well, I’m on day three. Day two, evening was the worst. Maybe because it was day two, and I had to work for the first time. Maybe because it was the day before my period. Day three has been, generally, a breeze. We’ve reached the evening, I haven’t had dinner, yet, and feel like it will be a far better evening than yesterday.

I am getting about 90-95 grams of protein per day, and 25-30g fiber. I’ve even had energy to do short workouts each day. I’d love to get to a point I feel like I have the energy to do a strength workout to further increase my muscle maintenance. I’m worried those workouts will spike my appetite, though.

I have been drinking a ton of water, so I’ve been peeing like crazy! I don’t drink the water because I’m thirsty, but more because it’s taking the place of eating. My strange treat today was eating raw carrots, which sounds silly. But they were so satisfying. I’ll take more to work tomorrow.

I’ve also still been playing with veggie soups. I haven’t quite found the holy grail, yet. And some soups have been mostly inedible, haha. But some haven’t been terrible. I’ve also purchased more protein powder and bars, as I want to have powder that isn’t too chalky and separates less.

I’ve also considered the potential of working some actual meat into the diet, and what that might look like. It’s definitely more work, and it would be small servings, but if I craving meat, is it a bad idea? It seems like it would be ok. I also ended up with a huge serving of soup tonight that let me add some cheese, which I have been craving more than anything. So I’m sprinkling some cheese on my soup and living like a queen.

The first milestone I want to see is comfortable in size sixteen jeans again. I can put them on, but I have a decent muffin top. So to feel comfortable wearing them for a whole day will be a good accomplishment.

I also have my first restaurant challenge tomorrow. Luckily, I was able to find simple, steamed broccoli and a chicken breast on their menu, and it won’t throw me off, really at all!

So far, I like this FAR better than full on fasting. I also love it leaps and bounds over keto. I can’t even explain how much. I have moments of hunger, but on keto, it was constant hunger, and I only lost water weight and some fat, but so, so, so, so slow (about a pound a month). And that was probably more because I realized I couldn’t just keep eating because I was hungry. In this case, I have snacks as low as 30 calories, or I eat half a protein bar, or some soup packets that are 70 calories. It’s just a lot of low calorie, high protein, high fiber food. All. Day. Long. It’s far, far easier, so far, than even eating in moderation but trying to control calories, which seems insane.

I do think my body likes lower fat better than higher fats. And I have said before that lots of veggies and lean meats was kind of my way to success but I was letting “fat is good” diet talk with paleo and keto get in my head. So what if low fat was a fad of the past? If lower fat foods work for me, then I need to accept that.

I’ll see if I feel the same next week, and a month from now, and two months from now. But I am trying to be aware of what’s working because I’ll need to find a lifelong approach that works for me!


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