The Newcastle Diet – Day 5

Well, today was the easiest day by far. I’m short 100 calories for the day, and feel like I won’t eat them unless sudden hunger hits as I try to fall asleep. I’m one of those people who it can take awhile to fall asleep, and my hunger has been the worst in those moments on days 2 and 3. Last night I ate half f a protein bar right before crawling in bed and it helped. Tonight I’m not hungry at all and right now don’t plan to.

In fact today, I ate a later than normal lunch AND fasted through breakfast. I even had a protein bar more as a treat, because I wanted to try it (got some new ones today), and not after staving off hunger. It’s pretty freeing to not think about food all day long!

I was down 3.6 pounds this morning. I know a lot of that is glycogen stores water + less food in general in my body. But I can’t help but believe so few calories won’t result in weight loss.

My energy levels are good, surprisingly so. Though I haven’t tried lifting weights yet. Just a light 15-20 minute workout most days to keep moving. I’m trying to not be too obscene.

My only struggle is sleep, which is a struggle no matter the diet. I’m going to bed early tonight and hoping for a rested day tomorrow.

So far, this might be the best diet I’ve ever been on! I’ve been thinking a lot about how I’ll transition off, which I guess is the biggest trick with this diet. And I haven’t decided, yet. Right now I imagine staying high protein and veggies with some treats a few days a week. I strangely haven’t even had any cravings so far! I told myself if I were insane hungry I’d eat one big meal Saturday and carry on. Right now I have no reason to eat more.

I’ll keep checking in!


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