Book: May Cause Miracles

Over the past several months I’ve been working on improving my attitude, perspective and happiness. Some steps have been empowering myself – going after weaknesses in my job skillset, facing fears, and saying “no” more often.

I have also been prioritizing sleep. And doing something pretty hippie: diffusing essential oils.

But one thing I’ve really enjoyed is reading Gabrielle Bernstein’s May Cause Miracles. As a disclaimer, her definition of a miracle is simply having a change in perspective. So instead of being a victim, re-telling your story or seeing opportunities. Face your fears, or even simply acknowledging them, and seeing fear and your ego are limiting you.

This book has been fantastic. You do a quick one minute meditation in the morning, a short focus at lunchtime, then usually some journaling at night. I think simply taking these times for yourself would improve happiness. But following Gabby’s approach really does create subtle shifts. Forgiving yourself or others. And realizing everyone’s unhappiness comes in most part from fears.

I am just barely in to week two, and I have so much positive, I feel myself rejecting and pushing away negative people. My boss who is a roller coaster of grumpy moods. One day he’s hilarious. The next he’s a bear. Seeing the fruitless competition and complaining on social media. Anything the media prints.


I walk away from arguments I can’t win before they start. I am a lot more empathetic. I smile at people. I say things like, “good morning” and “have a great weekend” and mean it. When the pace speeds up, I consciously slow down. I see my aggression, frustration, anger, unhappiness and shut it down. I haven’t been in such a positive mood in years. I feel like a brand new person. Only not brand new. Rather the old me.

Thanks to Gabby. And I’m so excited to get through the remaining four plus weeks. She dedicates a week to food issues. I can’t wait to get there for my next post. But general peace and well being is relative to overall health. So, even without that, I’m a lot healthier. And I enjoy being in my own skin more!

My Current Favorite Blog!

If you know me, you know I don’t do “favorites.” I have lots of favorites. It’s something I inherited from my mom. She doesn’t know why you can only have one favorite (the definition of the word doesn’t phase her). So I’ve adopted her liberal favoritism. And it’s bliss not being precise for once!

Anyway, I can’t get enough of this blog and am slowly reading through it in my off time. I’ve found the author (I should probably look up her name!) to be inspiring, down to earth, and very relatable. She’s lost a bunch of weight (Don’t you like how my lack of precise is carrying through this entry? It’s like I’m free of my perfectionist demons for one full entry!), and talks about it both in current terms (where she is now, maintaining) and how she felt in the past. And as I read through the blog, I will get to see into her past.

I’m not very far into it and here are six (yes, excessive) of my very favorite posts:

  • The Motivation To Get Started – Talking about how she initially started her journey. And the best part is she didn’t have an “aha” moment. I didn’t really either, although I’ve always searched for one.
  • This one talks about lifestyle change vs. diet. I’ve been on a few “diets” and have known they weren’t long-term. Now I’m just trying to do something I can stick to all the time, which includes eating whatever I want, but mostly eating and focusing on health and fueling my body. I love how she says people who say they can’t stop at one cookie either need to choose to, or if they really can’t seek help. I agree wholeheartedly. And I think these excuses are reinforced by people around us who claim the same thing, and we help each other spiral.
  • I LOVE this post on calorie counting. It’s somewhat frustrating because where she is with being beyond counting calories because she did it for so long is where I once was. But at the same time it inspires me to get back there!
  • And then these two posts are how I found the blog. One talks about the FIFTY things she DIDN’T do to lose 125 pounds. And as a companion, the other talks about the 125 (yes 125) things she DID do. And isn’t it funny that this is how I found the blog, yet I don’t remember how much weight she lost. Hey, maybe my loss of perfectionist tendencies will be good for my weight loss!
  • And this one is good for motivation and random diet tips. It’s fun how she compiled them over time, then put them into one post. A fun, quick read. And one to go back to when you’re looking for some type of motivation or tips or whatnot. Hey, I always need that!

So there it is. I’m going to read this blog until I get to the beginning. I’m excited for the adventure! She’s definitely motivating and I love how realistic and down to earth she is without being bubbly and annoying. Sorry bubbly and annoying people. The weight loss journey is a challenge to get on board with. Don’t just make it sound like it’s easy. Because if it is, you’ve never struggled with it. And if it isn’t, then don’t pretend it is. That’s my rant for the day! Cheers!

Setting Goals

Well, I’ve kind of fallen off the workout wagon since Friday. I know, shame on me. But I’m back on tonight, and my first goal of the new year is to workout 4X a week. I can still hit that this week, so all is not lost! Speaking of goals, Dave Ramsey (one of my heroes) posted this discussion about goals. And I’ll break it down into a few specifics for easy reference, but if you’ve never listened to Dave, I think you’ll like him. He reminds me of my parents. Very straight forward, and unforgiving with excuses.

He talks about needing to set goals in seven areas of your life:

  1. Financial
  2. Intellectual
  3. Family
  4. Spiritual
  5. Physical
  6. Career
  7. Social

And each of those goals needs to:

  1. Be specific
  2. Be measurable
  3. Be YOUR goal (not something someone else wants you to do)
  4. Have a time limit
  5. Be written down

The example he gives is rather than, “I need to lose weight.” You need to be specific, “I need to lose 30 pounds.” But by when? “I need to lose 30 pounds in 3 months.” That means you’re losing 10 pounds a month, which is 2 1/2 pounds a week. And YOU have to want to lose weight. Don’t do it for someone else.

Set specific goals like these for EVERY aspect of your life. Write them down, and share them with people who will hold you accountable. I have every one of these goals done, but need to tweak a few, and add a spiritual one. Expect a goals post to follow!


Un-Watiress Rant. Ugh!

The last few days have been awful eating-wise, movement-wise, and mood-wise. Which means downward spiral! I got a (totally unwarranted) ticket. Had some stress at work. Am in a class group of people who annoy me. And, yes, I realize my mood is probably self-inflicted if so many people are getting on my nerves. I just finished reading the book Thanks for the Tip – Confessions of a Cynical Waiter, and had a “moment.” You know those moments where you feel completely different, and less alone? Well, maybe not less alone. It’s hard to describe. I read most of the book for entertainment. But then got to the section where he realizes he needs to quit his job. He’s angry, bitter, cynical, lashing out, etc. That’s EXACTLY how I feel. He ended up taking a new job that paid less. Of course, this was after securing a book deal. But, it also freed his mind up to write more, his real passion. I have a passion for writing and sometimes I’ll get in a groove and can write about anything. Other times, I feel like I dont’ have the time or energy to focus.

Anyway, the point is the way he described himself (lashing out at co-workers who don’t deserve it, unnecessary and unreasonable anger, less drive and motivation, exhausted, burned out, feeling like he is wasting his life and talents), is EXACTLY how I feel. My job’s more geared toward my schooling, and somewhat challenging. But mostly? I hate going to work. I know most people do.

The reason I keep going? Because it pays well. I wish I’d grow some balls (or get pushed over the edge) and hang up my apron, too! If only I were a risk taker. Well, and if only this economy didn’t suck!

Chapter 1… (Of Both Books)

As I mentioned yesterday, I bought two books to get me started on my journey. Sometimes having a new challenge in front of me will help motivate me to get going. Not that losing weight and being healthy isn’t enough of a challenge, right? But I feel like at this point I’m like a drug addict who’s going to rehab to give up drugs. And all I’m focusing on is how to NOT do the drug, not WHY I do it in the first place. I can’t self-diagnose because I’m not a doctor, but I suspect my constant over-eating is tied somehow emotionally. Especially since it seemed to rear its ugly head shortly after, and amidst the sadness of, a breakup.

The two books I got are :50 Ways to Soothe Yourself Without Food and The Food and Feelings Workbook: A Full Course Meal on Emotional Health. I read the first chapters of both last night.