“You may delay, but time will not.” -Benjamin Franklin

This quote hits home for not just weight loss, but everything you want to do in life. You can delay everything, but that’s not really giving you any time. I know with weight loss I tend to delay starting until things are perfect. Or re-starting until a set time. But why not do it NOW? Even if I fell off the wagon this morning, don’t delay, get back on before lunch. Even if I know a weekend, like this past weekend, is coming up and I’ll have a hard time eating healthy, I can’t delay the week before because that weekend might not be perfect.

I can’t delay going on vacations I want to go on. Finding hobbies I’m good at an enjoy. Spending time with my family and friends (especially this!). The more you delay, the more time you waste that you could have been doing those things that are important.

And if you delay taking care of yourself, you might actually end up with LESS time to have to delay.

Whatever it is in this life you want, do it now. I keep telling myself I want a new wardrobe. Nice stuff that makes me feel good. So I’m starting to save for it. Why wait? I shouldn’t wait until I lose all the weight. Maybe the nice clothes will help me lose MORE weight. But it’s also possible if I delay feeling beautiful, I won’t lose any weight at all.

“The time to hesitate is through.” Go out and get what you want!