Two Cookbooks, One Delicious Dinner!

Last night I made the tortilla soup from the Happy Herbivore cookbook (if you “look inside” the cookbook on Amazon, you can find the recipe), and Burnin’ Butt Burritos out of How It All Vegan, including the homemade refried beans recipe.

Both? Delicious.

I did make some adjustments to both, adding more veggies to the soup, adding more spice to both with jalapenos, and just generally making adjustments as I do when I cook based on what I have on-hand or do or don’t like. But for the most part, both were delicious. I topped the burrito with guacamole. It would have been good with salsa, but I wanted to watch Dancing With The Stars. Haha. Yep, it’s true.

So here’s my dinner from last night. What did you have?

The tortilla soup. I’ve never had “thick” tortilla soup. I actually like the plain broth-based soups some restaurants have. But most of those have chicken in them (even though I eat around it). But I figured I’d give this a try. It’s definitely a tomato base. You add two corn tortillas to thicken the broth, and it was a substantial soup but I think pretty low-calorie.

The inside of this burrito was a little dry, that’s why I say it would have been good dipped in salsa, had I taken the time to make any. I ended up dipping it in the soup occasionally, so that was good, too.

The good news? I brought both for lunch and both were great leftover. Hopefully both freeze!