Firm Express Round 2: Rebekah’s Sculpt

I did Emily’s cardio/sculpt on Saturday but forgot to post about it, so I don’t have a lot of feedback to give other than it was pretty challenging this time around, too. Especially since I’m trying to up the weights I’m using. The cardio in one segment plus challenging weights means the workouts seem even harder this time around (although I think I’ll stand by that I feel like my endurance has improved, even though my weight/measurements haven’t). I’ll also re-commit to my statement that the sculpt videos in this series are my FAVORITE. I love them. And Rebekah’s workout isn’t an exception. This workout was built to be able to heavy up on weights, and I did. I used mostly 10s and 12s, but ended up back down at 5s for the one burst that used weights (it was like a side lunge or something). I felt like I was out of control already and adding weights was only making it scarier.


Firm Express Round Two: Emily’s Cardio

I remembered the first time around this was one of my least favorite videos. I don’t know why, because in general I like cardio, but in this series I REALLY like all of the sculpt videos, and feel like the cardio sculpt videos really take me to the max endurance-wise. The cardio videos almost seem like a break. So that’s not a knock on this specific video, I’ll have to pay closer attention to the other cardio videos in the other cycles. My complaint with this video isn’t with the bursts, I actually really like most of the bursts. But I feel myself getting bored on the cardio sequences in between. The video is described as simple moves you don’t have to learn, which I guess might be where my boredom comes from? I’m not sure. I definitely don’t like dancey workouts because I spend more time stumbling over my feet than getting my heart rate up. I guess I feel like the cardio/non-burst portion of this video wasn’t challenging enough maybe? It’s hard to put my finger on it. However, all that complaining aside, I DO get a good workout by use of the bursts and making some of the other cardio pieces as active as I can.

I think Rebekah’s cycle is next. If I remember right, I really loved her sculpt workout, so I’m looking forward to it. And her screaming.

Firm Express: Turbocharge Cycle (Cycle 3) – Sculpt

The last workout of cycle three! Man, this has gone fast! Unfortunately, I don’t have a pound of weight gone to show for it. Sad. The holidays WERE my excuse, but moving forward I’m going to lose 2 pounds per week. So no more excuses! Anyway, back to the workout, the topic of this discussion.

I believe I said Rebekah’s sculpt workout was my favorite sculpt workout, but now I think I want to put this sculpt workout over that one. It’s hard to compare, though, with so many workouts, and having done each only once and not back to back. But I REALLY liked this workout. I was able to heavy-up on some of the workouts, and think I’ll go even heavier next time. I need to get back to writing down which weights I used at which point in the workout so I know what will be challenging next time. The one thing I liked when I did P90X was that they made time to record the weight used and to make notes on what to use next time.


Firm Express: Week 2 (Accelerate) – Cardio Sculpt

Well, the week of working out every day finally caught up to me. This workout wasn’t terribly hard, but my legs were tired. I wanted to make it through Friday and take Christmas off, but took Christmas Eve off instead. Tomorrow I’ll do sculpt if I can find weights. If I can’t I’ll do week one’s cardio. Merry christmas!

Note: I re-did Emily’s cardio this morning. Good pre-eat-fest workout! :)

Firm Express Ignite Cycle: Cardio/Sculpt (Failed Attempt)

Welp. Couldn’t even get through half the workout. Think I needed a rest day. Tomorrow I’ll attempt again!

Firm Express Ignite Cycle: Cardio

First, the good news… I was sore this morning! I haven’t been sore from a workout in a long time. Second, the even better news: I was excited to work our again. And on the slate on the calendar is card. I expected to do better with this workout since I was well rested and not fighting off a hangover.



Firm Express Cycle One: Ignite – Sculpt

Well, I over-estimated how in shape I am. Either that or these workouts are really tough! Fair disclaimer, in had several drinks last night. But there was a day when I could go for a run and once I broke a sweat, I’d feel fine. Of course I was in better shape then.

Anyway, for those of you looking for a review, I LOVED the workout! The bursts were challenging, but went relatively quickly. I love Emily, so I’m glad she was the first instructor. You start out with a warmup, then go into the first set of bursts. Each set of bursts has four eight second bursts. Each burst is followed by a 12 second recovery. Which means each burst set is 80 seconds total.

So, you do a set of bursts, then move into standing strength moves. This is followed by another standing burst. Then standing and floor work (I think – it all happened so fast!). Then a floor burst. Then standing strength. A final standing burst, in which I swear they have electronically sped up the instructors’ moves! And then you finish with floor/abs and back. Then a very brief stretch.

Overall? I loved it. It went really quickly. I love, love, love the bursts! Love them! I used to do interval running/walking because it was supposed to burn more fat than just straight walking. This reminds me of a similar setup.

I’m going to take some pictures and post an overview of what comes in the package, a few alternative ways to use the system, etc. But that’s gonna have to wait! :)

Anyone else out there doing this workout? If so, where are you in the series/what are you doing?

Oh, I’ll also be posting my starting numbers. Ugh.